April 24, Mentorship Program, Final Dinner

Tuesday 24 April 2018
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Welcome to the fourth and last session of the Mentorship program 2017/2018!

Welcome to the final dinner and evaluation of the Mentorship Program. We will reflect on what we have learned, what changes have taken place and the lessons we learned for the future. We will have a Q&A with the group on how to apply for new jobs, how to grow, and, do’s and don’ts in your professional life.

Time: 18.30 – 21.00


To be announced

Meet our mentors

Malin Hedlund
Camilla Mattsson
Kees van den Ende
Marianne Johansson
Magnus Nolgren
Pernilla Guitink Svensson
Wilma Buis, Mercuri Urval Program Coach
Remy Steijger

Participation Fee

This session is offered free of charge to the participants of the Mentorship Program 2017/2018. The program is made possible by MercuriUrval.

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