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November 16, 2017 Business Woman Program 2017

My Business Network – Team up with my peers

The theme for this seminar is My Business Network – Team up with my peers. Having a fruitful and rewarding network is key in today’s business environment. We need to develop our skills when it comes to building our network and learn how to use our network and optimize it. Questions will be raised about creating mastermind groups within our network, in order to reach our goals more efficiently and with more joy.

About the program

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce exclusive Business Woman Program 2017 presents four seminars for the empowering and support of woman business leaders. The seminars are designed to increase and sharpen your leadership skills and to help yourself to a higher level of efficiency, awareness, and success. Moderator is Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership. We welcome the women from the Swedish Chamber, Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber and their relations with a focus to expand leadership intelligence and strengthen the inner power. You can follow any number of seminars you prefer. If you attend all four, the Swedish Chamber will offer you the last one for free!

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December 7, Mentorship Program, Personal Development

Welcome to the second session of the Mentorship program 2017/2018!

During this workshop, we will increase our insight on the impact we have, or not have, in our way of behaving in our professional environment. We will work with the core quadrant methodology and use your core competencies and strengths from The Strenght Finder to make the exercise practical and personalized.

Time: 18.30 – 21.00

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December 15, 2017 Swedish Chamber of Commerce Lucia Dinner

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to invite all Members, colleagues, friends, and family to our annual Lucia Dinner & Dance on 15 December, 2017. Please Save the date in your calendars, put on your festive suits and get ready for the highlight of the year. 

Over the years the traditional Swedish Chamber Lucia Dinner has become one of our most attended events and is, for many, the highlight of the Swedish Chamber social calendar. Over the years, it has attracted thousands of senior businessmen and women to gather and socialize in a festive spirit. The evening will, apart from including a traditional Lucia Choir and Swedish ‘julbord’, also guarantee first-class entertainment, great company, and fantastic networking opportunities. It will, without a doubt, be an event to remember!

Introducing the Swedish artist Anne-Lie Persson and Ceremony Master Ruben Brunsveld, Enact Sustainable Strategies.


During the evening of the Lucia Dinner & Dance, the Swedish Chamber Export Prize 2017 Ceremony will be held and the award winner announced. The Swedish Chamber Export Prize is a collaboration between the Swedish Chamber of Commerce, Swedish Embassy and Business Sweden.

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February 6, Mentorship Program, International Business Culture and Networking Skills

Welcome to the third session of the Mentorship program 2017/2018!

During this workshop we will focus on the International Business Culture we are active in and how we can develop our networking skills.


Time: 18.30 – 21.00

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April 24, Mentorship Program, Final Dinner

Welcome to the fourth and last session of the Mentorship program 2017/2018!

Welcome to the final dinner and evaluation of the Mentorship Program. We will reflect on what we have learned, what changes have taken place and the lessons we learned for the future. We will have a Q&A with the group on how to apply for new jobs, how to grow, and, do’s and don’ts in your professional life.

Time: 18.30 – 21.00

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