Sweden’s new Government
Published 09 July 2021   On July 9, 2021  in the Riksdag, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced the ministers who will serve in the Government. The change of government took place at a Council of State at the Royal Palace presided over by His Majesty The King.   Sweden’s new Government consists of the Prime Minister and 21 ministers. Prime Minister Stefan Löfven Minister for EU Affairs Hans Dahlgren Minister for Employment Eva Nordmark Minister for Gender Equality and Housing, with responsibility for urban development, anti-segregation and anti-discrimination Märta Stenevi Minister for Finance Magdalena Andersson Minister for Public Administration Lena Micko Minister for Financial Markets and Deputy Minister for Finance Åsa Lindhagen Minister for Defence Peter Hultqvist Minister for Infrastructure Tomas Eneroth Minister for Energy and Digital Development Anders Ygeman Minister for Justice and Migration Morgan Johansson Minister for Home Affairs Mikael Damberg Minister for Culture and Democracy, with responsibility for sport Amanda Lind Minister for Environment and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister Per Bolund Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation Ibrahim Baylan Minister for Health and Social Affairs Lena Hallengren Minister for Social Security Ardalan Shekarabi Minister for Education Anna Ekström Minister for Higher Education and Research Matilda Ernkrans Minister for Foreign Affairs Ann Linde Minister for International Development Cooperation Per Olsson Fridh Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs Anna Hallberg   FRONT ROW: Ann Linde, Per Bolund, Märta Stenevi, Stefan Löfven, Magdalena Andersson, Morgan Johansson, Eva Nordmark. MIDDLE ROW: Amanda Lind, Ardalan Shekarabi, Anna Ekström, Mikael Damberg, Åsa Lindhagen, Ibrahim Baylan, Tomas Eneroth, Lena Hallengren. BACK ROW: Hans Dahlgren, Lena Micko, Anders Ygeman, Anna Hallberg, Peter Hultqvist, Matilda Ernkrans, Per Olsson Fridh. Photo: Magnus Liljegren/Government Offices For more information:
Vattenfall News: Wind farm Nieuwe Hemweg opens
Vattenfall, NS (the largest passenger rail transport company in the Netherlands) and ProRail have joined forces to open the Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm. Vattenfall has built six wind power turbines on the NS site in the Port of Amsterdam in recent months. These new turbines are replacing twelve old ones from the province of North Holland. In the last few months, six large wind turbines have been installed on the NS site close to Amsterdam Sloterdijk station on the Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm. The soil on this site is sparse, and a yard had already been planned for ProRail, so it was a challenging area to work on. Despite these challenges, however, NS, ProRail, Vattenfall and the Port of Amsterdam worked intensively together and were able to successfully integrate the six new turbines with the yard. This is the first time Vattenfall has built a wind farm right next to a train yard in the Netherlands, making their collaboration unique.   Anneke de Vries (NS), Martijn Hagens (Vattenfall) and Ans Rietstra (ProRail).   Martijn Hagens, CEO of Vattenfall Nederland, said: "Working in an environment that is used so intensively as Sloterdijk is hugely challenging. The Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm is now on track to be completed on time, which is a joint success for all parties involved. Vattenfall wants to make it possible to live fossil-free within a generation. The Nieuwe Hemweg wind farm takes us one step closer to achieving that ambition." Building work began on the turbines last autumn. Mild weather this winter meant they were built in record time, and the turbines were commissioned after extensive testing. Electricity generated by the wind turbines goes to Vattenfall. Anneke de Vries, NS board member: "We worked hard together with ProRail, Vattenfall and the Port of Amsterdam to ensure this project was a success. In the Netherlands we only have limited space for sustainable energy production, so using our land and buildings is a win-win situation, and we're continuing to work on complex sites. Collaborating to generate wind and solar power integrates seamlessly with NS' strategy. We believe in sustainable business models, and our aim is to be completely fossil-free, day and night, by 2040. This means, for instance, we don't want to have to rely on gas power stations when it's not windy." Ans Rietstra, ProRail board member: "As a railway operator we work hard on sustainability, and not just when it comes to our own projects. Wherever we can contribute to the fight against climate change by helping other parties like Vattenfall and NS, we'll seize the opportunity. I'm delighted the project was successful. All of us worked tirelessly to bring the project together, and the results are outstanding. I'd like to congratulate Vattenfall and NS. Well done!"

More wind turbines, more green electricity

The six wind turbines are replacing twelve old ones. Eight old turbines previously stood on the site where the new wind farm can now be found. Four old wind turbines were also removed from the IJsselmeer near Medemblik. This is in line with North Holland's policy to have one new wind turbine replace two old ones. The six new turbines have a joint capacity of 13,2 MW, almost double the 12 wind turbines they replace. The amount of electricity generated with it is equivalent to the consumption of ten thousand households.   For more information
The Swedish Ambassador Congratulates the Swedish Chamber
The Swedish Ambassador Mrs. Annika Markovic, Honorary Chairwoman of the Swedish Chamber, congratulates the Swedish Chamber of Commerce on their 60th Anniversary. The 60 celebration will take place on November 18, 2021 with a Swedish – Dutch Innovation Summit and Gala Dinner focusing on 21st-century Innovation, bringing together business leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians and academics from both Sweden and the Netherlands to address the greater trends facing us, from tech and innovation to sustainability and impact, as well as the future workforce and global trade. We are excited to look at our joint future ahead, the challenges and recovery, and how we can learn from each other. At the Gala Dinner we will present an evening full of entertainment and the Swedish Chamber Business Award Ceremony. The evening will be presented by the Dutch artist Kim-Lian van der Meij who has very strong Swedish connections and lives partly in Sweden. This will be another highlight in the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands history, welcome to join!   For more information welcome to visit the 60th Anniversary Event Page  
Sweden: Several corona restrictions has been eased on 1 July
The fact that the number of vaccinated people in Sweden continues to increase at the same time as the spread of infection decreases means that the Public Health Agency of Sweden assesses that the adaptation of infection control measures can continue as planned.
From 1 July, a number of changes has taken place. Here are some examples:
  • The size limit for gatherings is abolished for outdoor serving venues.
  • Indoors, a group of eight people can sit together in a restaurant.
  • The regulation of opening hours for restaurants and other serving venues is removed.
  • The number of participants in private gatherings in rented premises is increased to 50.
  • Indoors, 50 participants are allowed at various events.
  • If participants are assigned a seat, the ceiling will be 300 people.
  • Outdoors, 3,000 seated participants are allowed.
  • For outdoor demonstrations, 1,800 participants are allowed.
  • For running competitions, a maximum of 900 participants applies.
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European Innovation Scoreboard: Innovation performance keeps improving in EU Member States and regions
On June 21, 2021 The Commission released the , which shows that Europe's innovation performance continues to improve across the EU. On average, innovation performance has increased by 12.5% since 2014. There is continued convergence within the EU, with lower performing countries growing faster than higher performing ones, therefore closing the innovation gap among them. According to the also published today, this trend applies to innovation across EU regions. In the global landscape, the EU is performing better than its competitors like China, Brazil, South Africa, Russia, and India, while South Korea, Canada, Australia, the United States, and Japan have a performance lead over the EU. This year's European Innovation Scoreboard is based on a revised framework, which includes new indicators on digitalisation and environmental sustainability, bringing the scoreboard more in line with the EU political priorities.

Key findings

 Based on their scores, EU countries fall into four performance groups: Innovation leaders, Strong innovators, Moderate innovators and Emerging innovators.

  • Sweden continues to be the  EU Innovation Leader, followed by Finland, Denmark and Belgium, all with innovation performance well above the EU average.

The most innovative region in Europe is Stockholm in Sweden, followed by Etelä-Suomi in Finland, and Oberbayern in Germany. Hovedstaden in Denmark is in fourth place, and Zürich in Switzerland is in fifth place.


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Deposit on small plastic bottles to reduce street litter
1 July 2021 will see the introduction of a deposit on small plastic bottles. This is what State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven has arranged with the packaging sector. From that day on, a 15 cent deposit will be added to each small bottle (< 1 litre). The deposit on larger bottles (> 1 litre) will remain at 25 cents. Plastic bottles may be returned in supermarkets, at train stations along motorways, and through caterers. This measure is intended to lead to a significant reduction in the volume of plastic street litter. Responsibility for the introduction of the deposit system will be vested with the manufacturers of the drinks bottles. Hotels, restaurants, cafés and small businesses will be exempt from the obligation to collect small plastic bottles.   To read more:    
Sweden and more countries added to yellow list as CoronaCheck app goes EU wide
More travel advisory notes for the EU were revised by the government on Wednesday, a day ahead of the introduction of the European digital certificate which should smooth travel between member states. Denmark, Latvia and Sweden as well as Athens and Brussels have now all been classified as yellow zones, meaning people from the Netherlands will not have to go into quarantine or show a negative test certificate on their return. The government is, however, urging everyone returning from abroad to take a voluntary coronavirus test on their arrival back, after a rise in infections thought to have been picked up in Spain and Portugal. Mainland Spain remains an amber zone, which means all but essential journeys should be avoided. Britain too is amber. The European digital certificate, which allows people to show officials they have either been fully vaccinated, recently recovered from coronavirus, or have a negative test result, is due to come into effect on Thursday. Read more at
Vattenfall to sell 49.5% of the offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid to BASF
Vattenfall and have agreed the sale of 49.5% of Vattenfall’s offshore wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid (HKZ) in the Netherlands. Vattenfall will use Hollandse Kust Zuid to supply fossil free electricity to its customers in the Netherlands. BASF will use its electricity share to support chemical production in sites across Europe. , Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors of BASF SE: "With this investment we are securing significant volumes of electricity from renewable sources for BASF, which is a key element of our transformation towards climate neutrality". , President and CEO of Vattenfall: "With this cooperation, Vattenfall once more proves that partnerships with industries are a key element to accelerate the European energy transition across sectors. I am particularly proud that we can do this, while at the same time securing the delivery of fossil-free electricity to our Dutch customers".   Read more