Meet the Mentor!
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud to present Björn Bylund, Country Manager Nmbrs B.V. as Mentor at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program 2020-2021.
Webinar – Insights from the political and social landscape US
On October 20 the Swedish Chamber of Commerce participated in a very interesting webinar "Insights from the political and social landscape in the worlds leading economy" featuring  President at SACCNY. Thank you Anna for sharing your thoughts about the current political landscape in the US and thanks to Chambre de Commerce Suédoise en France - CCSF for organing this inspiring digital event
Meet the Mentor
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud to present Ben Vree Owner/Director Aquavite B.V. as Mentor at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program 2020-2021.
Welcome new Member!
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to give a warm welcome to new member Expat Mortgages B.V.
Meet the Mentor!
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud to present Jeanine Lemstra, Transformation Lead Royal HaskoningDHV/Thrive for Purpose as Mentor at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professionals Mentorship Program 2020-2021
Global Finance Names the World’s 50 Safest Commercial Banks 2020

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce  congratulates Patron Member Handelsbanken to the 6th place on Global Finance list of the World's 50 Safest Commercial Banks 2020!

  NEW YORK, October 19, 2020 — Global Finance has named the World’s 50 Safest Commercial Banks for 2020 in an exclusive survey to be published in the November print and digital editions, and online at For commercial banks to qualify for this ranking, they must not be majority owned by government or regional authorities. The top seven banks on the list this year all had identical scores and are presented here ranked in order of total asset size. North American banks performed very well again this year. Canadian banks took six of the top 20 positions, including the top two. The United States landed eight banks on the list, more than any other country. France also had a strong showing, with seven banks in the ranking, Australia took four of the top 20 and Singapore took three of the top 10. In addition to the World’s 50 Safest Commercial Banks, the full report also includes the following: World’s 50 Safest Banks, Safest Banks by Country, 50 Safest Banks in Emerging Markets, Safest Islamic Financial Institutions in the GCC, and Safest Banks by Region (Africa, Asia, Australasia, Central & Eastern Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, North America and Western Europe). Global Finance’s annual rankings of the World’s Safest Banks has been the recognized and trusted standard of financial counterparty safety for more than a quarter-century. Winners were selected through an evaluation of long-term foreign currency ratings—from Moody’s, Standard & Poor’s and Fitch—of the 500 largest banks worldwide. “For most of 2020, the world has been lashed by the COVID-19 pandemic, a steep drop in economic activity and, in some cases, serious social unrest. Any of these developments could have significantly impacted banks’ credit worthiness,” said Joseph Giarraputo, publisher and editorial director of Global Finance. “Surprisingly however, the relative position of the world’s largest banks on Global Finance’s World’s Safest Banks 2020 lists has been mostly stable. One can only speculate on when, or if, the changes will come. In the meantime, the rankings will be used by companies, investors and individuals to gauge the relative safety of the banks with which they choose to do business.”
Join Swe-Cham member Undutchables for Expert Talk Nov 12, 2020
Join Swedish Chamber of Commerce Member Undutchables Expert Talk: Quality of life at work & remote working
Time From 10.30 - 11.30 Date & location 12 November 2020 -
Presented by - International Consultant and HR Researcher & our own expert - Sales & Recruitment Manager at Undutchables As a professional do you find it challenging to maintain your quality of life at work in the current context ? What is the ideal balance between your own well-being and those of your colleagues ? The feeling of being isolated, disconnected or abandoned can appear and concern each of us. Knowing how to set good practices to avoid professional risk due to this fast move into remote work is precisely the goal of this interactive webinar. It is designed to benefit both managers and employees.   To help you face this unique challenge, Undutchables is happy to welcome Sophie Grünfelder an international consultant and researcher in HR. She supports quality of work life, sustainable leadership and ways of developing a responsive management (top management and middle management). During the last months, Sophie Grünfelder helped several international teams (in The Benelux and France) to improve their remote-work skills and increase organizational resilience in the face of Covid-19. She teaches e-leadership and full-remote-work management methods to both academics and professionals.   During this webinar, she will answer practical questions from participants and offer tips around the following topics:  
  • How to work well on your own remotely, preserving a good quality of work-private life balance ?
  • How to collaborate well remotely with the rest of your team, paying individual attention to efficiency and well-being ?
  • How to manage your team remotely, harmonize & coordinate each team member with a tailored approach - including management of employees’ distress (signals & solutions) - ?
  • How to (e-)meet effectively respecting everyone's expectations and promoting collective satisfaction?
  Looking forward to welcoming you at the webinar!
  Time From 10.30 - 11.30 Date & location 12 November 2020 - Program 10.30 Introduction 10.35 Interactive Session incl Q&A 11.25 Wrap-up 11.30 End
  Registration and more information The webinar will be held via Zoom. You can register by
Showtime for The movie I Am Greta in the Netherlands
The movie I Am Greta will premiere today in cinemas across the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.   Greta Thunberg, 15, starts school striking for the climate. She skips school and sit outside the parliament to show the politicians that if they don't care about her future, why should she? A film about acting to stop climate change before it's too late.