VodafoneZiggo launches 5G with Ericsson Spectrum Sharing
  • Ericsson and VodafoneZiggo switch on 5G, driving digitization in the competitive Dutch market
  • Ericsson Spectrum Sharing enables VodafoneZiggo to deploy 5G using existing spectrum assets
  • Nationwide 5G coverage planned for July 2020
VodafoneZiggo, the leading Dutch communications service provider, is launching 5G with Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) Spectrum Sharing and , for an economic and seamless roll-out of the latest mobile technology offering enhanced network performance. Part of their  strategy, VodafoneZiggo is switching on their 5G network using the  solution enabling their subscribers to benefit from improved user experience. Jeroen Hoencamp, CEO of VodafoneZiggo, says: “5G is an evolution that opens doors to new possibilities. Today we are introducing 5G via ‘Ericsson Spectrum Sharing’ in our GigaNet. We are making use of the latest innovative technology to apply 5G in existing frequency bands, using our existing antennas. With the addition of 5G, we want to offer the Netherlands the best fixed and mobile digital infrastructure in the world which will result in a new form of connectedness. Keeping our customers connected is at the core of what we do, and we know this partnership with Ericsson will ensure that we do just that”. Arun Bansal, President Europe and Latin America, says: “This is another great example of our strong partnership with VodafoneZiggo. Launching 5G in the most economical way by jointly deploying an end-to-end 5G solution using Ericsson Spectrum Sharing, as well as leveraging their existing Ericsson Evolved Packet Core in a Non-Standalone configuration. Truly, it’s in times of crisis that we realize just how vital our communications networks are. Investing in 5G opens so many opportunities for us all, from remote medical care to automating resilient utilities services. Working together, we can keep more people connected, and safe.” A unique spectrum environment The spectrum situation in the Netherlands is different compared to other European countries. In June of 2020, the 700MHz frequency will be auctioned, but the 3.5GHz band, which is currently being used by the country’s defense satellite system, will not be available by auction until 2022. By deploying Ericsson Spectrum Sharing already now, VodafoneZiggo can quickly introduce 5G over a wide area, using existing frequency bands and existing Ericsson Radio System equipment. The Ericsson Spectrum Sharing software, which is , can run on any of the five million 5G-ready radios Ericsson has delivered since 2015. The launch of 5G is a continuation of a long-standing partnership in which Ericsson delivers the majority of the mobile network technology and managed services to VodafoneZiggo. In January 2020, the partners launched a , the 5G HUB, offering companies, startups and students the chance to explore 5G in practice. Previously, the partners also achieved   and in February 2020, a 3G switch off was realized enabling VodafoneZiggo to leverage the 2100 MHz band and provide increased capabilities to end users. Click here for Press Release: Photo: Ericsson
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Update from Patron Member Heussen’s Corona Helpdesk blog May 4, 2020
A new update by Swedish Chamber Patron Member Heussen advocaten en notarissen Corona helpdesk blog 4 May 2020

General overview of the Measures Imposed by The Council for the Judiciary

It has now been 6 weeks since the Judiciary decided to close the doors of the courts, tribunals and special colleges. Cases are still being dealt with, but in a different manner. The measures taken by The Council for the Judiciary (the Judiciary) as a result of the outbreak of Covid-19 are addressed in brief in this article. Click here to go to article      
Ericsson invites to webinar UnBoxed Office – made for the future
We may be in a time of uncertainty but on May 11, we invite you to join us, our CEO and thought leaders to reinvent the future. Together. Welcome to the Ericsson UnBoxed Office--made for the future.   While we are all apart, being connected together has never been more important. At Ericsson, we have seen things in society change drastically. But with every crisis, there is the opportunity to rethink and reevaluate. We want to host a place for us to share with you what we have seen, to learn from others, and to inspire us all how we can re-invent the future. Therefore, we are inviting you to the Ericsson UnBoxed Office. Join us.
IKEA – Sweden’s most attractive employer 2020

IKEA receives the award as Sweden's most attractive employer in Randstad's annual Employer Brand Research. 

  Randstad Employer Brand Research has awarded IKEA as the most attractive employer in Sweden 2020, followed by Volvo Cars and Volvo Group. See the full list here:
Swe-Cham Patron Member Anticimex Number 1 in smart pest control .

Congratulations to Swe-Cham Patron Member Anticimex Number 1 in smart pest control in the Netherlands and globally.

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Webinar May 28, 2020 on how businesses and society can emerge strongly on the other side of the pandemic.
Unprecedented times. But at some point, society and business will return to some sort of normalcy again. But what awaits us at the end of the pandemic? What will constitute the new normalcy? Welcome to this webinar, on how businesses and society can emerge strongly on the other side of the pandemic. What issues will we have to confront and what future opportunities will arise?  
Swe-Cham Patron Member Ericsson about the critical role of telecom networks in times of containment

The critical role of telecom networks in times of containment

First and foremost, our focus is to assure the Ericsson family including employees, vendors and customers are safe during these difficult times. That being said, as a provider of critical infrastructure for our country, Ericsson also has a duty to ensure continuity of service during this period. Telecom networks play a critical role during containment. What would happen if we no longer have a phone at home to keep in touch with our family, if we could no longer telework, if hospitals have no means of communication, if we no longer have TV and internet? In the Netherlands, as in most of the other countries in the world where Ericsson is present, business activities, operations, project execution, and overall corporate life continue, even though most of them are now done remotely.

Ericsson teams mobilized alongside operators to ensure proper network management

In the Netherlands, more than a hundred engineers and technicians from the support team work alongside operators to help them ensure the proper management of their networks and increase network capacity when necessary. In particular, Ericsson Netherlands has set up a specific support unit to help operators with their network scale-up.

Little or no impact on our ability to supply our customers

As for Ericsson's production sites around the world, at present they are all operational and none have been closed. In accordance with the recommendations of the Chinese authorities, Ericsson's production site in China was closed, but is now being operational again. Ericsson has a global sourcing strategy, close to its customers. Thanks to this strategy, we have production capacities in many countries, for example in the United States, Estonia, Poland, Brazil, Mexico, China and India. The effects we have seen so far on our supply chain have little or no impact on our customers. As a global company, we have a process and organizational structure in place to address potential issues our business may face, both to ensure the health and safety of our employees and to minimize the impact on our operations as much as possible. In Netherlands, we remain attentive to our customers to help them get through this period of high network demand. We continue to . From technology leadership to performance in the field, there is no-one ahead of us. We were first with commercial networks across four continents and have more than 80 commercial 5G agreements or contracts with unique operators, of which 27 are live networks. We have more 5G devices working on our equipment than anyone else and every day we ship enough 5G-ready radios to cover the greater Randstad area. On the back of our largest portfolio in the industry with over  and our leading technology and we are winning market share and stand ready to support government and operators with their 5G ambitions. Ericsson wishes everyone the best during these difficult times. We understand that challenges like the ones we face together today have an opportunity to impact our lives in ways that we could not have imagined. We encourage you to be patient and take advantage of these moments to stay close to family, reconnect with old friends and stay safe. We will keep working to make sure we all stay connected. Photo Ericsson: Everth Flores, CEO Ericsson Netherlands