September 22, 2021 Krister Nilsson, State Secretary to Minister Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs Anna Hallberg, participates in BCS Netherlands
We are proud to welcome Mr. Krister Nilsson, State Secretary to Minister Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs Anna Hallberg, to the presentation of the Business Climate Survey Netherlands 2021 on September 22, 2021. Mr. Krister Nilsson will participate in the webinar and deliver opening remarks as well as a final conclusion.   For more information and to sign up please visit our Event page:
Patrick Mesterton, confirmed moderator at the Swedish Chamber’s 60th Anniversary Summit
The Swedish Chamber is proud to present Patrick Mesterton, Co-founder and CEO of Epicenter Stockholm, as moderator of the Innovation & Sustainability Summit at the upcoming event The Swedish Chamber’s 60th anniversary on November 18, 2021. Patrick Mesterton is co-founder and CEO of Epicenter. Epicenter is Digital House of Innovation located in the heart of Sweden, Norway, and Finland's digital landscape. At Epicenter, local and international entrepreneurs and companies meet to collaborate, learn and grow their businesses. Before founding Epicenter, Patrick served as CEO of Result, where he has been an advisor of Innovation and Internationalization to world-leading organizations such as Santander Consumer Bank, Grant Thornton, and the Egyptian Central Bank. Before joining Result, he spent 15 years within the Digital Advertising and Local Search Industry in various senior executive positions in Sweden, Germany, Denmark, and the Netherlands. Patrick has a deep understanding of how businesses can embrace digital opportunities and technology. He is a frequent speaker of entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, and creating innovative environments. It is a great honor to have Patrick as moderator of the Swedish-Dutch Innovation & Sustainability Summit which focuses on 21-century Innovation, where the greater trends facing us will be addressed. For more information, please visit the
Jon Abrahamsson Ring, CEO of Inter IKEA Group, confirmed summit speaker at the Swedish Chamber’s 60th Anniversary
The Swedish Chamber is proud to present Jon Abrahamsson Ring, CEO of Inter IKEA Group, as one of our prominent summit speakers at the upcoming event The Swedish Chamber’s 60th anniversary on November 18, 2021. Jon Abrahamsson Ring started his career in logistics at IKEA Örebro in 1998 after completing his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at Umeå University. A year later he moved to IKEA Canada, where he held various roles. He then spent four years as assistant to IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad before becoming Deputy Retail Manager for IKEA China. In 2008 Jon left IKEA to become CEO of the fashion brand Filippa K and – later – CEO of gardening brand Plantagen. He re-joined IKEA when he started working for Inter IKEA Systems in 2017, and he became CEO of Inter IKEA Group 1 September 2020. Jon will contribute with valuable insights to the Swedish-Dutch Innovation & Sustainability Summit which focuses on 21-century Innovation, where the greater trends facing us will be addressed. For more information, please visit the.
NORNORM – We help businesses to move from linear to circular
Feature Jonas Kjellberg, Chairman of the Board and co-founder of NORNORM - a fully circular, subscription-based furnishing service The Swedish Chamber of Commerce met with Jonas Kjellberg, Chairman of the Board at Swe-Cham member NORNORM, to learn more about their circular office furniture solution and to discuss the current transition in office space and the huge changes we are facing when it comes to where we actually work. “There has been a change from locking people up in offices to work where you live” There is a huge macro trend going on and NORNORM has discovered huge changes in the workspace and the location where people are working. - Office spaces will be transformed and change. You will maybe only be at your office 2 days a week which means you don’t need to live nearby the cities where the jobs are located. At NORNORM we see companies, like our self, who transform into hybrid solutions where employees only meet each fourth week physically at one location and then we work from home for three weeks. That means that a person can take a job in New York and live in Amsterdam working from their own home office. I think this is going to have an enormous effect on society. I think that we need the office space as a social point in order to meet people and get energized and inspired because as humans we are social beings. Working from home, on the other hand, give us the opportunity to be more focused and efficient. Offices will also become smaller when most employees will continue to partly work from home.

The brain behind the idea of NORNORM

Jonas Kjellberg, the co-founder of NORNORM, is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and author. He has a long track record of setting up and leading businesses. He worked at Boston Consulting Group for six years building their digital venture unit. He was also a representative at Ingka digital advisory board. Before that, he worked for the Kinnevik Group and did all their digital investments such as Zalando, HelloFresh, Home24, and many more. - I have had the fortune to do a lot of fun and different things in my life. He also spent a few years at Stanford and he has written three books together with a Harvard professor about entrepreneurship and how to build businesses. In addition, he has done 40 different ventures and he was chairman of the board of iCloud and some other companies.

How did you come up with the idea for a fully circular, subscription-based furnishing service, and what is the idea behind NORNORM?

- I had the pleasure of working with IKEA’s digital advisory board very early on and we saw that everything was becoming increasingly more digital and that people don’t even own their real estate anymore. So why should you own your office furniture? We wanted to create our own circular system and to combine this with the ongoing circular movement which means that we need to act accordingly to make sure we have a positive impact on our planet. We found that you cannot just talk about sustainability, we wanted to take the next step and talk about circularity. “We help businesses to move from linear to circular” When thinking about creating a new business, Jonas explains that he was convinced that it had to be circular. Here, he saw an opportunity to prove that circular business is possible with founding NORNORM. - To change an industry will always take time but I see that there is a huge movement towards sustainability and circularity. Not everyone is there yet, but I think a lot of the users of our services will demand that their employers are going more sustainable and circular over time. We need to reduce the waste of furniture and shift the way we are thinking today. Today often when you want a new design or color of your office furniture you throw away all the things you had and buy new. We help businesses to change this behavior, to rethink, and to move from linear to circular. At NORNORM, we also prolong the lifespan of furniture by refurbishing and circulating them between businesses.

NORNORM´s Vision and Mission

“Our vision is to create a better work-life for the many people.” When elaborating on the business model, Jonas highlights that it should be good for People and that everyone should have a good chair and desk to sit in wherever you are working in the world. In addition, Jonas explains that it has to be good for Business, so it should not cost extra, and it should also be good for the Planet, and that it is NORNORM’s mission to combine those three. “The whole perspective is that you don’t have to own your office furniture.” Jonas states that the core of NORNORM’s concept is to offer circular and attractive office interiors that are accessible to many companies. - That’s how we can become change-makers and make a real impact. That’s why we’ve created this highly affordable subscription model that requires no investment or long-term commitments. The concept is quite simple. You just take the floorplan of your office, fill in the requirements, upload it on our website, and within 24-48h you receive a suggestion from us on how your new office will look. The user can press yes to approve and within 6-8 weeks the furniture will be delivered. If you, later on, don’t need the furniture anymore for some reason, they can also end the subscription and we simply come and pick everything up. We are, in fact, trying to do what Netflix did in the movie industry. The whole perspective behind NORNORM is that you don’t have to own office furniture. - We believe that our service is cheaper than leasing. Circularity is key in all aspects of the business, which means that we must try to optimize every part of the chain; from what items we choose to work with to how they are packed, transported, and eventually refurbished. We adapt our services to build on the customers' needs and offer full flexibility.

Circularity is the new Norm

“NORNORM is not just a concept and a company service – it is a new and circular way of doing business”. Jonas states that the past 1,5 years, with the pandemic going on, has been an interesting period for NORNORM which has actually given them the opportunity to develop the company and the business proposals even further. “Going round in circles should become the new Norm” Jonas states that NORNORM sees a growing demand right now from all different kinds of sectors. He explains that people are starting to come back to the offices again after a long time of working from home according to the covid pandemic regulations and the new situation gives room for new perspectives. - People realize that we are facing a lot of uncertainties and therefore long-term plans don’t hold anymore.

For all those large companies and for the increasingly growing group of startup companies that are continuously evolving and transforming, Jonas believes that NORNORM’s business model is a perfect match. The subscription model that the company has, allows businesses to invest in developing their business, instead of inexpensive interiors. The circularity of the concept also is vital as companies around the world face stricter requirements from society, as well as from investors, concerning sustainability. This means that going circular in all aspects of your business becomes increasingly important from both an ethical and competitive point of view.

Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands

I am looking forward to meeting fellow members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands and to further discuss the current office transformation challenges and exchange experiences. As soon as the pandemic restrictions ease we hope to welcome you for a leadership thought session about the future office and hybrid working trends and to introduce you to our circular business model. NORNORM is active in Sweden, Denmark, NL, Germany, Finland. By The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands.
Hélène Barnekow, CEO of Microsoft Sweden, confirmed summit speaker of the Swedish Chamber’s 60th Anniversary on November 18, 2021
The Swedish Chamber is proud to present , CEO of Microsoft Sweden, as one of our prominent summit speakers at the upcoming Swedish Chamber’s 60th anniversary on November 18, 2021. Hélène Barnekow has more than 25 years of experience in the IT and Telecom industry. Prior to joining Microsoft in December 2018, Hélène worked as the CEO of the Telco company, Telia Sweden. Earlier in her career, she was Head of Field & Partner Marketing at EMC in Boston, USA, where she was awarded several grants for her excellent leadership and marketing achievements. She has also been assigned several leadership roles at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications. Hélène is part of the Board of Directors of GN Store Nord A/S and Kindred Group plc. In August 2019, Hélène launched her first book, Re:start, about valued-based leadership in an ever-changing world. Hélène will contribute with valuable insights to the Swedish-Dutch Innovation & Sustainability Summit which focuses on 21-century Innovation, where the greater trends facing us will be addressed. For more information, please visit the .
Hans Dahlgren, Swedish EU Minister, meets Saïd Fazili, Senior EU Advisor to PM Rutte and EU Sherpa
Yesterday, the Swedish EU Minister Hans Dahlgren visited the Hague in the Netherlands to meet Saïd Fazili, Senior EU Advisor to PM Rutte and EU Sherpa. It was the first official visit of a Swedish Minister since the start of the pandemic. "Sweden and NL are close partners in the EU and share the same fundamental values. We work together in the fight against climate challenge, for free and fair trade and for the Rule of Law", says EU Minister Dahlgren. No alternative text description for this image Source:
ABBA reunite for Voyage, first new album in 40 years
Swedish hitmakers to release album of brand new material in November, and digital avatars will appear in London concert residency in 2022 One of the most anticipated comebacks in pop culture has finally come to pass: the return of Abba. Forty years after the bitter songs written in the wake of two band divorces for their last album, 1981’s The Visitors, the Swedish pop quartet has reunited for Voyage, an album of brand new songs that will be released on 5 November – including, they say, a Christmas song. Two tracks from it, the stately and epic ballad I Still Have Faith in You and the shimmying Don’t Shut Me Down, are out now. The group – Benny Andersson, Agnetha Fältskog, Anni-Frid Lyngstad and Björn Ulvaeus – have also announced a new concert experience in London, also called Voyage, beginning in May 2022. Digital versions of themselves (not holograms, their team asserted) will appear nightly alongside a 10-piece live band at a new 3,000-capacity venue in the city’s Olympic park, called the Abba Arena. Tickets go on general sale on Tuesday 7 September.     [embed][/embed]  
Saab Netherlands, Exclusive Sponsor of the Swedish Chamber’s 60th Anniversary on November 18, 2021
The Swedish Chamber is very honored to introduce Saab Netherlands as one of our exclusive sponsors of the Swedish Chamber’s 60th Anniversary on November 18, 2021. With a market presence in over 100 different countries, Saab is a world-leading defence and security company. While global in scale, Saab has developed strong local presence in the countries where they operate. Through innovative, collaborative, and pragmatic thinking, Saab constantly develops, adopts, and improves new technology to meet customer’s changing needs. Over the last 80 years, Saab has helped strengthen different nations’ armed forces by supplying high-performance, cost-efficient defence systems. Saab’s product portfolio includes many systems that ensure high-tech and proven solutions with good value for money for the planned future development in terms of national defence. For more information, please visit the