Sweden removes its travel warning to the Netherlands
Sweden removes its travel warning for three more countries including the Netherlands as per today. From August 27th, the advice is lifted for journeys to Bulgaria, the Netherlands and Romania, the foreign ministry said on Wednesday.
Climate change still perceived as the most pressing problem of our time
Despite the health crisis, climate change is still seen by the public in several European countries as the biggest issue that mankind faces. This is the finding of new research released today by Vattenfall.
Despite the health crisis, climate change is still seen by the public in several European countries as the biggest issue that mankind faces. This is the finding of new research released today by Vattenfall.
The new survey complements a report by Vattenfall carried out in December 2019, which explored people’s attitudes and emotional response to the conversation on climate change. This first round of research found that climate change was seen as the most serious problem in the world – ahead of any other global issue such as poverty, wars and conflict, or economic recession. The follow-up study, undertaken in June 2020, was designed to find out if and how views on climate change have evolved in the wake of the global health pandemic. While there is a sharp increase in people’s concern about epidemics and economic recession, nearly a third (28%) of people in Sweden, Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, France and the United Kingdom indicate that they see climate change as the most pressing global issue in the world today. As many as 69% of people describe themselves as “quite” or “a great deal” worried about climate change. Both these results remain fairly stable when compared to December 2019. It therefore seems that climate change has established itself as a durable worry in the mind of European citizens. Responses show a clear expectation that a long-term and meaningful commitment is needed by all actors who can affect climate change: governments, businesses and individuals alike. The results also found that most respondents (57%) believe that the highest priority should be given to continuing or increasing climate change commitments when it comes to ongoing financial recovery discussions across Europe. Finally, the share of those who report feeling ‘hopeful that we will be able to stop climate change’ and ‘inspired by what I see people doing to stop climate change’ remains almost unchanged. This shows that it is more necessary than ever to highlight specific actions being taken to tackle climate change. For the report, Vattenfall consulted American psychologist Renee Lertzman. She said: “These results should provide comfort. They show that our concern and duty of care for the world can be awakened during times of immense crisis – when we feel part of something much bigger. They also indicate that the durable and consistent anxieties and worries about climate change amidst such global health challenges can be a good thing. Ultimately they will drive us to action.” CEO of Vattenfall Magnus Hall said: “It is clear that our emotions towards climate change remain unchanged even in the wake of a global health crisis. As a company that produces and supplies energy, our ability to make an impact is considerable and this report highlights that. We are fully committed, throughout our entire 20,000-person business, to make fossil free living possible within one generation and to help partners and industries to electrify transports and processes and thereby replace fossil fuels.” Click here to go to the survey  including an executive summary of the original report.
Update of the latest travel information to Sweden from the Netherlands:
Reisadvies Zweden | Ministerie van Buitenlandse Zaken Laatst gewijzigd op: 17-08-2020 | Nog steeds geldig op: 18-08-2020
In Zweden is op dit moment de besmettingsgraad van het coronavirus afgenomen, behalve in de regio Västra Götalands län (met Göteburg als hoofdstad). De kleurcode van het land is aangepast van ‘oranje’ (alleen noodzakelijke reizen) naar ‘geel’ (let op: veiligheidsrisico’s). Voor de regio Västra Götalands län blijft kleurcode ‘oranje’ gelden. Als u deze regio heeft bezocht krijgt u bij terugkomst in Nederland het dringende advies om 14 dagen in thuisquarantaine te gaan. U kunt op vakantie naar Zweden maar blijf waakzaam. Bij een nieuwe uitbraak kan de situatie lokaal plotseling veranderen. Volg altijd de Nederlandse en de lokale coronaregels op. Zie de rubriek ‘Veiligheidsrisico’s’ en ‘Coronavirus’ voor meer informatie.
Dutch economy shrinks 8.5% in Q2, as jobless total continues to rise
The Dutch economy shrank by an ‘unprecedented’ 8.5% in the second quarter of this year, compared with the previous quarter, national statistics agency CBS said on Friday. Around half the record decline is due to the 10.4% drop in consumer spending, the CBS said. The 8.5% drop comes on top of a 1.5% reduction in the first three months of this year. The lockdown in the Netherlands began mid-March and started to ease in June. CBS chief economist Peter Hein van Mulligen described the drop as ‘unprecented’. ‘There has been colossal damage to the economy, with a total contraction of 10% over two quarters,’ he said. ‘We did not see anything like this in the 1930s.’ Nevertheless, the situation is worse in other EU countries. The German economy, for example, contracted 10.1% in the second quarter, while the British economy shrank by over 20%. The contraction has also been softened by a raft of government measures. For example, some three million people received some form of income support in the second quarter, most of whom were in permanent jobs. At the same time, the coronavirus crisis is also beginning to make its presence felt in the jobs market. In total, there were 322,000 fewer jobs in the Netherlands in the second three months of the year, compared with the first quarter, the CBS said. At the same time, the official jobless total rose 26% to 349,000. The shift marks an ‘unprecedented drop in the number of jobs,’ the agency said. Social affairs minister Wouter Koolmees said the new figures were troubling but not unexpected. ‘We have seen this coming,’ he said. ‘This is why we brought in an emergency measures, to absorb the worst of the shocks.’   Read more:
Swedish Chamber becomes member of Svenskar i Världen, SVIV, Swedes Worldwide
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to become a member of Swedes Wordlwide (SVIV) to keep our members conected and informed about different matters conserning Swedes living abroad. SVIV works to benefit Swedes abroad by monitoring, informing and influencing their interest and concerns and we are happy to be part of the SVIV network.
  About Svenskar i Världen (SVIV)
Swedes Worldwide is an independent, non-profit organization that, since 1938, works to benefit Swedes abroad by monitoring, informing and influencing their interests and concerns. We have a unique role as the representative of more than 660 000 Swedes who work, study or for other reasons live abroad, as well as the hundreds of thousands who have lived or will live abroad. We act as a consultative body on all matters concerning Swedes living abroad. Therefore we have a responsibility in regards to the substantiated answers to ensure that their rights are safeguarded in the various issues that are sent out for referral. Swedes Worldwide also conducts advocacy and lobbying through contacts with parliamentary parties, authorities, organizations, media and other influencers. We monitor your interests and issues, such as the passport processing, citizenship, taxation, voting, etc. We also give advice on issues of interest to Swedes living abroad. As a member you have access to our advisors who have special knowledge about pension, tax and legal issues. Through our website, magazine and Facebook we inform you and create contacts between Swedes around the world. Swedes Worldwide also develops networks for Swedes abroad, both in Sweden and in other countries. The organization has around 110 representatives covering approximately 45 countries. These representatives often have a business profile, are related to Swedish companies, chambers of commerce or consulates and have a wide social network. We also seek to create a network of youth representatives in our effort to bring in younger members to the organization. In order to facilitate for returning Swedes to enter the Swedish labor market, and to ensure that their experiences and expertise are utilized, we have The Group for Returning Expats, which act particularly in their interest. To take advantage of special offers and support Swedes Worldwide’s business you are welcome to join as a member. Please send an email to: . Find more information about Swedes Worldwide on the swedish version of this page at: . Together we are strong – join Swedes Worldwide!  
Aug 25, 2020 SVIV Live fika with Ann Linde, Sweden’s Minister for Foreign Affairs

Svenskar i Världen (SVIV) offers Live fika with Ann Linde, Minister for Foreign Affairs Sweden August 25, 2020 13.00 - 13.45 CET

  International experience and competence is important for Swedish industry and the society in general. Swedes living abroad is hereby an important resource.  Sharing this insights and reflections on the impact of the COVID-19 situation on Swedes living abroad will be discussed at this meeting.   The meeting is for Swedes living abroad and will be held in Swedish. The information about the meeting and how to join this meeting is therefore also offered in Swedish.

Livefika med utrikesministern

Internationell erfarenhet och kompetens är viktigt för svenska företag och samhället i stort. Därmed är utlandssvenskar en resurs att räkna med. Den insikten och reflektioner kring pandemins påverkan på utlandssvenskar är något som kommer att tas upp på denna exklusiva Livefika med utrikesminister Ann Linde. Redan i mars kontaktade utrikesministerns stab Svenskar i Världen med syfte att få till ett möte för att kunna skapa sig en bra bild över utlandssvenskarnas situation i coronapandemin. Sedan dess har vi haft en tät dialog med UD där vi har lyft olika utmaningar som har kommit i pandemins fotspår. Nu är det dags att även ni får träffa utrikesministern, denna gång på vår Livefika! Vilka frågor skulle du vilja att utrikesministern kommenterade på? Mejla oss på Datum: 25 augusti Tid: 13:00-13:45 svensk tid Tillvägagångssättet är enkelt; du kopplar upp dig från din dator eller mobil via Zoom. Använd följande länk: Meeting ID: 843 7167 3507 Kan du inte vara med? Lugn, vi spelar in det och lägger det tillsammans med tidigare Livefikan. Varmt välkomna!
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  Bild: Kristian Pohl/Regeringskansliet  
Ericsson achieves 100th 5G commercial agreement with unique communications service providers
Press release
Aug 12, 2020 07:30 (GMT +00:00)
Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC) has achieved a significant 5G milestone by securing the company’s 100th commercial 5G agreement or contract with unique communications service providers. The figure includes 58 publicly announced contracts and 56 live 5G networks, spanning five continents. The milestone was reached with the announcement of the 5G deal with Telekom Slovenije on August 12. Ericsson has worked with major service provider partners since the early days of 5G R&D development. The company’s first public 5G partnership announcement came in 2014. Initial technology engagements and memorandum of understanding (MoU) partnerships were followed by 5G New Radio (NR) technology testing and trials. Commercial deals and network roll-out announcements followed. The first live commercial launches were announced in 2018.   Ericsson’s contracts span Radio Access Network (RAN) and Core network deployments, enabled by products and solutions from the Ericsson Radio System and Ericsson Cloud Core network portfolios. Ericsson 5G deployments include 5G Non-Standalone, 5G Standalone and Ericsson Spectrum Sharing technology. They also include cloud native capabilities with Ericsson’s dual-mode 5G Core. Ericsson has deployed 5G in high-, mid- and low-bands in different urban, suburban and rural environments to support enhanced mobile broadband and fixed wireless access business cases. In some advanced 5G markets, communication service providers are offering 5G-enabled augmented reality and virtual reality services in education, entertainment and gaming. Börje Ekholm, President and CEO, Ericsson, says: “Our customers’ needs have been central to the development and evolution of Ericsson’s 5G technology across our portfolio from the very beginning. We are proud that this commitment has resulted in 100 unique communications service providers globally selecting our technology to drive their 5G success ambitions. We continue to put our customers center stage to help them deliver the benefits of 5G to their subscribers, industry, society and countries as a critical national infrastructure.”   Ericsson has also worked with service providers, universities, technology institutes, and industry partners to develop and pursue 5G business and consumer use cases. These use cases include factory automation, smart offices, remote surgery and other enterprise and Industry 4.0 applications. Some partnerships have resulted in the deployment of 5G dedicated networks, including at Ericsson production facilities globally.
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#NORDICTALKS Sustainable Fashion Days 2020

With the #NordicTalks Sustainable Fashion Days 2020 we aim to raise awareness for sustainable fashion and the environmental and social impact, to connect the sustainable fashion industry in the Nordics and the Netherlands, to support new collaborations and experience exchange, to spark the conversation and to showcase leaders and innovators.

1st Webinar, 16th September 2020 | 15:00 – 16:30. – GREEN FASHION. GREEN FUTURE. 2nd Webinar, 23rd September 2020 | 15:00 – 16:30. – CONSUMERS TURNING GREEN. 3rd Webinar, 30th September 2020 | 15:00 – 16:30. – WE KNOW NOW. Live/Bradcasted Event Amsterdam, 8th October 2020 | Time: 16:30-20:00 – BE PART OF IT  

#Nordictalks Sustainable Fashion Days 2020 is organized in collaboration with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands, Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Danish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Norwegian Dutch Chamber of Commerce, Embassy of Sweden in The Hague, Embassy of Denmark in the Netherlands, Royal Norwegian Embassy in The Hague, Embassy of Finland in The Netherlands

We are very pleased to invite all Members of the Nordic Chambers of Commerce and their relations, the Nordic Embassies, Government representatives, sustainable (fashion) networks and others interested in the Nordic – Dutch Sustainable Fashion to take part and participate in the #Nordictalks Sustainable Fashion Days 2020.