Dutch Ambassador to Sweden visits Swedish Chamber

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On February 4, 2019 The Swedish Chamber of Commerce was very pleased to welcome Ines Coppoolse, Ambassador of the Netherlands to Sweden to Epicenter Amsterdam for an update about our activities, a meet up with Douwe Dirks, and to sit down with Myrthe Hooijman and Constantijn van Oranje StartupDelta who are all in the same premises together. Ines Coppolse visited the Netherlands to attend the Annual Ambassadors Conference that took place in the Hague last week and The Swedish Chamber was very pleased for the opportunity to discuss common issues and collaborations for the coming year. The Dutch Embassy in Stockholm is on the forefront when it comes to advocate for Circular Economy and collaboration on the Startup sector. Both topics highly interesting for the Swedish Chamber and where we are pleased to share the objections and business views of the Dutch Embassy in order to enlarge the business network and create business opportunities and interesting experience exchanges for Swedish and Dutch companies.