EARTH Integrated Archaeology 10 Years Anniversary

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce congratulates EARTH Integrated Archaeology, EARTH, with their 10th anniversary. EARTH was founded in 2008 by Eva Kars. EARTH is an Integrated Archaeological consultancy in the construction and environmental sector and specialized in Heritage Risk Assessment, varying from prospections to excavations.

EARTH is using innovative techniques and working with different multidisciplinary teams to provide the most effective integrated archaeological services, minimize the risks for the clients and giving project owners the most sustainable results. Eva Kars is a Swedish archaeologist, educated at the university of Stockholm living in the Netherlands since 1991. To mark the 10th Anniversary a film “Making the invisible visible” has been produced, which was showed at the Anniversary reception at their modern and redecorated office in Amersfoort. Making the invisible visible, shows the unique way EARTH is working with heritage risk assessment.
Save the Date for Founder Story by Eva Kars and screening of Making the Invisible Visible October 31, 2019 at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.
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