EDGE Olympic received WELL Platinum

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EDGE Olympic is the first building in the Netherlands to achieve WELL Platinum certification for enhancing health and wellbeing 


EDGE Olympic, the signature building in Amsterdam’s financial district, operated by Epicenter and home to the EDGE Technologies headquarters, has received WELL™ Core & Shell Platinum Certification for its positive impacts on human health and wellbeing. The building is the first in the Netherlands to achieve the highest WELL™ Certification.

Ever since its inception, EDGE Olympic has been heralded as the prime example of a new generation of energy efficient and smart buildings. Upon completion in 2018, the building attained Energy Label A and received a BREEAM-NL score of 79,11% for its sustainability performance. EDGE Olympic also boasts one of the highest circularity scores on the Madaster Platform. Nine months after opening its doors, the building has now attained the WELL™ Core & Shell Certification at Platinum level. This makes EDGE Olympic the first in the Netherlands – and sixth in the world – to achieve this exceptional score.


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