Ehsan Turabaz assigned as International Relations Leader for IKEA Expansion, Inter IKEA Systems

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The Swedish Chamber of Commerce congratulates the Swedish Chamber Chairman, Ehsan Turabaz, Inter IKEA Systems, for his new assignment as International Relations Leader. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very happy for Mr. Turabaz and look forward to many years of successful continued collaborations. We wish him lots of success in his new role. Please read the press release from Konrad Grüss, IKEA Expansion Manager, below.


We are very happy to announce that Ehsan Turabaz has accepted a new assignment as International Relations Leader in Inter IKEA Systems, effective from December 1st, 2018 and reporting to Konrad Grüss, IKEA Expansion Manager.

In his new assignment, Ehsan will proactively create a mutually beneficial relationship with local and foreign government institutions, business associations, civil society and the diplomatic community for the purpose of supporting and promoting the development of the IKEA Franchise business and the protection of the IKEA Brand.

In addition, Ehsan will also assist in political and strategic topics related to the business interests of Inter IKEA Systems in existing and new markets, working closely with Inter IKEA Systems Communication, Inter IKEA Group Communication – Media Relations and Public Affairs as well as Public Affairs at R&S.

Ehsan will also continue to support business development with strategic international partners in close co-operation with key stakeholders in the Expansion Development organization.

Ehsan started his long IKEA career as a trainee at IKEA Amsterdam in 1991 and moved to Inter IKEA Systems B.V. in 1993 to work as Sales Representative B2B.

Since 2005, he has held the position of International Sales Manager and has been instrumental in securing a solid business base in new markets through protecting the IKEA Trademark, as well as maintaining good relationships with local partners and governments in order to generate and increase international sales.

Ehsan also acts as Key Account Manager to the WestCord Hotel in Delft, where he has established a test and development site for the IKEA BUSINESS range for the hospitality industry, in close co-operation with IKEA of Sweden. In addition, he is the chairman of the Co-worker Advisory Committee works council, representing all CBF co-workers in Delft.

Next to his work for CBF, Ehsan holds many industry and organizational positions, including Honorary Consul-General of Afghanistan in Rotterdam and Amsterdam and Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands.

“With his broad network, extensive international sales experience and passion for his work, Ehsan will add great value to IKEA Expansion. Please join me in congratulating Ehsan on his new assignment.”

Konrad Grüss,

IKEA Expansion Manager, Inter IKEA Systems