Handelsbanken experiences its best half year ever.

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The corona crises have had none or very little influence on the Dutch branch of Handelsbanken reporting its best half year ever. The Swedish bank saw the profit grow with 60% during the first half of the year leaving a profit of 22,8 mln.

“The past half year is for our bank in the Netherlands qua results the best half year ever and we see possibilities for further growth. We have a clear focus on mortgage loans, corporate property financing and asset management which connects very well with the desires from our customers to have a personal relation with their bank” says Roland van Pooij, CEO Handelsbanken Nederland in an interview with FD on July 16, 2021.

Handelsbanken the Netherlands consists of the branch operations in the Netherlands, which are organised as a regional bank, as well as asset management operations in Optimix Vermogensbeheer. The regional bank offers banking services at 28 branches throughout the Netherlands.

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