Hästen celebrates 165-year history

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Since 1852, Hästens has handcrafted the finest beds from its atelier in Köping, Sweden. Every Hästens bed is handmade using only premium sustainable natural materials and techniques handed down through six generations. Hästens is available in 36 countries, and with more than 200 partners in Europe, Asia and the Americas, this once-modest family business has grown to become a global manufacturer, retailer and Royal Purveyor of premium beds.

From the day Hästens made their first bed, natural materials have always played a fundamental role. In 1852 cotton, horsetail hair, wool and flax were superior to other materials and, surprisingly, even today… that remains the case. And, then as it is now, the best way to craft using these materials is by hand. This tradition of hand craftsmanship gives our bed makers a deeply-rooted understanding and mastery of both their art, and the natural materials that are so crucial to its consolidation.

In 2017 Hästens announced a ground-breaking design collaboration with the Swedish design duo Bernadotte & Kylberg. The collaboration, in which the Hästens signature blue check has been completely reimagined, consists of the new Appaloosa and Marwari beds, both of which use the construction of the Hästens 2000T bed. This collaboration marks the first time that the Hästens iconic blue check has been reimagined.

Hästen is one of the sponsors for the grand Lucia raffle, offering luxurious down boots, sleepwear, and slippers. The Swedish Chamber is very grateful for the donation that is for the benefit of War Child Holland.