H&M Made to last

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Autumn has arrived, and this year H&M doesn’t have an it-trend from the catwalks on their mind, but something bigger: fashion made with less impact that will last (and stay stylish) for a long time. “That’s why we designed a collection of timeless dresses you can wear for years to come, all made from recycled materials. Change is at our core. And now it’s time to change fashion.”

Small innovations can also make a great impact.

“We’re pushing ourselves every day to become fully circular, all to create a closed loop where resources are used and reused indefinitely. We want to celebrate all the significant initiatives and innovations we’ve used in previous and current collections and share with you that changing even the smallest detail brings us towards a more sustainable fashion future.” Read more about H&M’s Sustainability agenda “Let’s Change” : https://bit.ly/35BZ4eC

Join the NordicTalks Sustainable Fashion Days 2020 Webinar on September 16 and meet Annet Feenstra, Sustainability Manager H&M Netherlands and hear more about H&M Sustainability agenda.  Read more about NordicTalksSFD2020 and register: https://bit.ly/35Akh8O