Innovative projects given additional €1.35 billion boost due to funding from National Growth Fund

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According to the independent advisory committee that reviewed the proposals, these projects will contribute to economic growth and strengthen research and innovation ecosystems and the Netherlands’ high international ranking in knowledge and competitiveness. The recommendation issued by the advisory committee on the grant applications submitted in the first round of the National Growth Fund’s submission review procedure was adopted by the Council of Ministers today. In addition to proposals designed to make the Netherlands more innovative, the committee reviewed proposals designed to boost the Dutch transport infrastructure (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) and knowledge development (Ministry of Education, Culture and Science). A total of 15 proposals were reviewed.

According to State Secretary for Economic Affairs Mona Keijzer: “Innovation aimed at digitisation, sustainability and health featured prominently at the start of the National Growth Fund application review procedure. This is good for all Dutch people. After all, research and development are the key to sustainable growth and therefore to the jobs and income we will have in the future.”

The State Secretary went on to say: “The great amounts of public funding awarded to these five innovative projects will help significantly in keeping our country prosperous. The government must assume a more active role in allowing research, innovation and technology to develop further, in allowing start-ups to grow and in attracting talent, so as to keep the Netherlands innovative, thus strengthening our position in the broader international context. I think the collaborating companies, knowledge institutions and government agencies involved in these projects will have great opportunities to earn serious money while resolving these challenges.”

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