Inspiring visit to Captains

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On Monday, April 1, 2019, Chamber Chairman Ehsan Turabaz and Kerstin Gerlagh General Manager was invited for a delicious lunch to meet with Remy Steijger and Jop Goslinga, co-founders of Captains in their fantastic iconic office at the old train station in Delft. The impressive young contemporary translation of a digital media & creative production agency has been growing from 2 to 30 employees and with a surprisingly striking portfolio in only four years with Koeman on Wembley, Van der Sar in Manchester, Cristiano Ronaldo on Instagram and closer to home the Chamber of Commerce, Wasserman, PostNL, the city The Hague and Huawei as clients.  With production and distribution under one roof; makers and marketers at the drawing table of each project and a full focus on storytelling, because ordinary commercials and random Facebook-posts can be created by any other agency.

‘It is the combination of old and new that distinguishes us’, says co-founder Jop Goslinga. ‘Storytelling is an ancient way of communicating, digital media relatively young. We are fascinated by both, which makes us a company driven by contrasts. Creativity and technology don’t always go well together in the office, but we make it work. An untameable creative editor works alongside a data analyst. You’d think ‘that won’t work’, but it actually works out really well. They are learning a lot from each other. Even outside the office, about life.’

Remy Steijger who has close connections to Sweden, married to a Swede and spending lots of his time in Sweden, is a well-known face to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.  This year Captains has also become Patrons of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. We are looking forward to following Captains closely in their rapid development and to introduce you to Remy and Jop for all your digital media and creative production questions and to help you tell the story of your company. We are also very pleased to plan for an inspiring company presentation by Captains to the members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce this fall.