Interview with Annika Hult, Stena Line, proud sponsor of #Nordic Talks 2017

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In Swe-News September we are very proud to highlight our member company Stena Line, one of our generous sponsors for #NordicTalks 2017 on October 10, 2017.

Annika Hult, Trade Director, North Sea talked to Anna Johansson from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce about Stena Line’s sustainability focus and why Stena Line support Swedish Chambers program  #NordicTalks2017 about the UN Sustainability Development Goals organized together with the Finnish Chamber of Commerce and the Danish Business Club with the support of all the Scandinavian Embassies.

Please tell us a little about Stena Line as an organization and about your role!

Stena Line is one of the leading ferry companies in Europe with an extensive route network consisting of 20 routes and 37 vessels. Our focus and our business model is to combine freight and passengers and this has proven to be a successful concept. Every year we transport around 2 million freight units and 7 million passengers. Our vision is “Connecting Europe for a Sustainable future” which indicates that sustainability is a central part of our strategy. I have had the position as MD for Stena Line in Holland/Trade Director Stena Line North Sea since 2014.Prior to that I have had different roles within other parts of Stena AB, just before joining Stena Lines business in Holland I was MD for Stena International with headquarters in Luxembourg.

We are incredibly grateful for your engagement in #NordicTalks 2017 where the theme of this year’s conference is the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Why did you chose to support this event and how do you find these questions important to Stena Line?

As I mentioned, sustainability are an central part of our strategy and something that we focus on throughout the whole company. Our sustainability work is based on the UN Sustainability Development Goals, so for these reasons it feels completely right to be a part of #NordicTalks.

How does Stena Line work with sustainability within the organization?

Our target is to reduce our negative environmental impact and we have set our targets based on the UN Sustainable Development Areas, Clean Energy, Life under water, Health & Well-being and Responsible consumption. In our daily business around 300 large and small projects are running within our Energy Saving Programme. We are also very focused in looking into future sustainable solutions both for our business and the ferry business as a whole. One example is the Methanol project running on our vessel Stena Germanica, sailing between Sweden and Germany (previously named Stena Hollandica, sailing between Hoek van Holland and Harwich) with the aim to test if Methanol can be a fuel for the future. One part of the trials is also to evaluate Biomethanol to make it possible to fully reduce the emissions also of CO2. Another example is battery propulsion where we are planning to start a project during 2018 with the aim that we within 10-15 years have developed Stena Elektra, a plug-in hybrid vessel.

For us sustainability is not only about environmental initiatives but also about care. In February we formally initiated a partnership with the humanitarian NGO Mercy Ships to support them in their efforts to deliver free, world-class health care to people in need in the developing world. They are doing a life-changing work and have since the start treated over 2,5 million beneficiaries. The partnership is exciting opportunity to involve our staff, customers, and partners in making a difference. The 1st of September we launched a coffee campaign onboard our vessels to raise funds to Mercy Ships.