Key takeaways from “Dutch and Swedes are made for each other”

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On June 4, 2020 the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden hosted a joint webinar “Dutch and Swedes are made for each other” with the Swedish Ambassador to the Netherlands, H.E. Annika Markovic and the Dutch Ambassador to Sweden, H.E. Ines Coppoolse. The Webinar was hosted by Ruben Brunsveld and he summarizes the webinar with some key takeaways: 

  • The Swedes and Dutch tend to find each other quickly and are generally a good match
  • There are underlying cultural differences that arise once we start doing business together
  • Despite the fact that many (larger) companies find there own way the Embassies are still seen as important partners for companies when doing business abroad
  • Embassies can help businesses by facilitating platforms to develop more sustainable businesses to transition to more sustainable and innovative economies Post COVID
  • The Netherlands hopes that Sweden will deepen its relations both bilaterally and multilaterally in different international for a, such as NATO and EMU
  • From the Swedish perspective the topic of gender diversity and women empowerment is one where there is more field to gain.
  • The Embassies emphasized that their doors are always open for businesses (small and large) to come in and also give feedback on their needs.
  • The Embassies seem to lack in their communication on everything they doing and can be more effective in reaching out to their business communities.