Konrad Grüss appointed Core Business Franchise manager and MD of Inter IKEA Systems B.V.

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Inter IKEA Group 28 May 2020


Congratulations Konrad!

I am very happy to announce that Konrad Grüss will take on the role as Core Business Franchise manager and MD of Inter IKEA Systems B.V. starting 1 June 2020. Konrad has an extraordinary ability to connect people and business, and he has a genuine passion to continue to develop the role of IKEA franchisor. During the last two years he has successfully led the IKEA Expansion assignment and has a great knowledge and understanding of the IKEA and the CBF business. He has shown the ability to create clarity, bring people together and deliver on commitments.

Since March, Konrad and the CBF Management team have done a very good job leading the organisation through very difficult times. This experience, together with his strong and valuesbased leadership, I am convinced that he is the right person for the job and will continue the journey we have started together in CBF.

Konrad has rich experience from throughout the IKEA franchise system. His 25-year IKEA career started at IKEA Leipzig in 1994. Later he was part of successfully leading Growth with Impact globally and developing the METOD kitchen range. He also spent three years in Russia as Deputy Retail manager, where he led the commercial team and enabled growth across the market.

Konrad joined Inter IKEA Systems in 2015 as Market Potential and Expansion Manager. Since the transformation to CBF in 2018, he has successfully led and supported build-up of the IKEA Expansion organisation and assignment.

Konrad and his team have worked with franchisees to Inter IKEA Group 28 May 2020 INTERNAL COMMUNICATION – CONFIDENTIAL Delft, The Netherlands develop the strategic IKEA expansion plan for existing and new markets. They have also onboarded Falabella – a new franchisee – which will bring IKEA to Chile, Colombia and Peru.

“I am very humbled and honoured to get the trust to lead the CBF assignment and direction, and continue to build a strong franchisor within the IKEA franchise system. I am fully committed to continue to work together with all of you on our common priorities and our ways of working that will enable us to deliver on our commitments as a strong franchisor”, says Konrad.

In his new role Konrad will, together with CBF Management team, continue to lead the CBF assignments and direction, building a strong franchisor within the IKEA franchise System. CBF will continue to build capabilities and organisation, ensure focus on common priorities, and contribute to the IKEA Direction and the One IKEA Business Plan. We will announce Konrad’s successor as Expansion Manager within short.


Jon Abrahamsson Ring
Delft, 28 May 2020

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is congratulating Konrad Grüss to his new appointment. We wish him lots of success and we are looking forward to continued excellent collaboration.