Magnus Nolgren Chairman YP looks back at YP 10 Years

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Fun, insightful and collaborative!


The office, with the support from its members, non-members, patrons and sponsors, worked hard for months to deliver a fantastic event filled with speeches, great food and drinks. With over a 100 participants we even (unfortunately) had to decline plenty of late registrations…  I can honestly say that I will remember this event for both its content and the people present. I feel honored to be part of a community where sharing knowledge and networks comes so natural.

I said it during the event, and I will put emphasis on it again because I think there is something the Swedish and the Dutch are both good at; giving. This is why I am a part of the Young Professionals (YP) and it is also why I think that the event became so successful and why I am certain there is way more to come.

So what will I remember?
The tasty Swedish food by Northern Delight, smokey whiskeys from Mackmyra, our speakers Marcel Damen (previously Ericsson) and Sabina Svensson (Innovation 360) who delivered insightful speeches from which I will remember the importance of collaboration and innovation in keeping up in today’s market. Cor de Haan (Filippa K), whose speech highlighted the hot and important topic of sustainability, Klarna who shared their journey into the Dutch market, and the Ambassador who reminded us all to not forget to have fun along the way.

I definitely had fun during the event and I would like to thank you all for your contribution to making the Young Professionals 10 Year Anniversary a memorable milestone event. After this celebration, all YP events were sold out and if that is a sign of all the great stuff that is happening in 2018 I can’t help but be excited!



Best regards,

Magnus Nolgren
Chairman YP