Measures to stop the spread of coronavirus extended

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Together we will continue the approach to tackling coronavirus in the Netherlands. Handwashing, staying at home as much as possible, working from home, keeping a distance from others – all the measures advised by experts have been extended. But careful steps will be taken to give children and teenagers a little more freedom.

Thanks to the measures put in place to tackle coronavirus we are, slowly, moving in the right direction. Many people have found a way to manage their everyday lives, even if it is not always easy. Healthcare professionals are doing their utmost to give everyone the medical care they need. People are still being admitted to hospital with coronavirus, but the number of patients is falling steadily.

Although the situation is still precarious, there is now some scope to relax measures. This will ease the pressure people are under. For example parents who are trying to combine work with schooling their children at home. And children and teenagers who are missing school, sports activities and playing. The scope we have now is the result of all our efforts. Because we have followed the measures, we can now take small steps forward.

The government has extended most measures until 19 May inclusive. In the week before 19 May the government will assess what measures are necessary in the period after that date. Below is an overview of the measures that will change and when. Over the coming weeks, the practical details will be worked out in consultation with those involved.

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