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Fifty years have passed since Mercuri Urval was founded in Sweden. For the main part of that time we have been active in The Netherlands as well. And entering our 51st year, Roger Hagafors, Chairman of the Mercuri Urval Group Board is looking forward to a future where we will continue strengthening our unique competence in finding, selecting and developing the right executives and professionals that fulfil our clients’ needs. All based our strong conviction that in business “It’s all about people” – in Sweden, in The Netherlands and all around the world. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce congraulates Mercuri Urval to their 50th Anniversary and welcome you to read Mr. Hagafors letter to Mercuri Urval Clients and Candidates on this occation below.


Dear Clients and Candidates

Fifty years have passed since Mercuri Urval was founded. Today we stand strong as a leading global Executive Search, Professional Recruitment and Talent Advisory firm, with 70 teams spanning the world to ensure that our company, employees and clients prosper in the future. And as the ownership of Mercuri Urval is transferred to an independent foundation, we know that Mercuri Urval will remain a long-standing, strong and independent company, ready to serve you, our clients and candidates, for the next 50 years, wherever in the world you need us.

This letter marks our celebration year. In our industry, turning fifty is a tremendous milestone. But instead of looking back at the past we will dedicate the coming year’s celebrations to the future of our company, our clients and our candidates. As part of this year of celebration, we are launching a new initiative ‘The Successful Executive’. In a series of practical articles and interviews, we will share our insights and expertise on how you can achieve the extraordinary. Because extraordinary people have always been – and always will be – the essence of Mercuri Urval.

Ever since we were founded, our mission has been to help leaders become more successful and deliver the best possible results for their organisation. In the next fifty years we want to build on our existing strengths. We firmly intend that our ability to advise our clients will remain unrivalled. Continually strengthening Mercuri Urval’s unique competence in finding, selecting and developing the right executives and professionals that fulfil clients’ needs is at the heart of our plans. When we say “Extraordinary Results. It’s all about people.” it is not just a strap line; it’s a deeply held conviction.

I feel truly privileged to be a part of Mercuri Urval’s journey. This year our teams will celebrate together Mercuri Urval’s exceptional history, accelerate the development of our company and continue to strive for excellence. I sincerely hope that you will join us in our celebration and that you find our upcoming series of articles focused on how to be an even more successful executive interesting and valuable.

As we enter our 51st year – stronger than ever yet still ambitious to achieve even more for our clients,
candidates and employees I’d like to thank all of you for being on this extraordinary journey with us.


Roger Hagafors,
Chairman of the Group Board, Mercuri Urval

Mercuri Urval Chairmans Letter