Netherlands opens up!

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After almost two years since the Netherlands confirmed its first case of coronavirus, most of the regulations will be removed. At the press conference on Tuesday evening February 15, 2022, The health minister Ernst Kuipers confirmed that the regulations gradually will be eased until February 25.

What you need to know when NL is lifting the regulations: 

February 15:

  • the work at home rule will change, where people will be encourage to work at least 50 % at the office.
  • there will be no limit on the number of guests at home.

February 18: 

  • Cafes, restaurants and bars remain open until 1 am, but face masks and social distancing ends.
  • Coronavirus pass will remain in use for one week more.
  • Theatres, cinemas and the rest of the cultural sector can remain open until 1am, no face masks and social distancing.
  • Isolation after a confirmed infection will be cut from seven to five days, providing the final 24 hours are symptom free.
  • Colleges and universities can fill their lecture halls again.

February 25: 

  • The use of coronavirus pass will be removed.
  • Cafes and bars will no longer have to close at 1am.
  • Social distancing will be removed.
  • Face masks will only be required in public transport and on planes.
  • Visitors must have a negative coronavirus test to attend a club or indoor event (1G) with more than 500 people without fixed seatings, but there will be no testing for outdoor events.


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