News from the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm

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In the Annual Report presented of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce we can also read that Mrs. Ines Coppoolse Ambassador of the Netherlands to Sweden, after 5 years in Sweden, now will  start preparing for a new challenge as the Dutch Ministerial Council has decided to nominate her as the next Ambassador to Canada. The new Ambassador of the Netherlands to Sweden taking over in August will be Mr. Bengt van Loosdrecht, who has a Swedish mother and is currently the Dutch Ambassador to Ethiopia.
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Ambassador Ines Coppoolse for the great collaboration and generous hosting of the Annual Swedish Business Trip to Stockholm every year. We wish her and her family lots of success and prosperity at the new assignment in Canada. We are looking forward to continuing the excellent collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Stockholm and to meet with Ambassador Bengt van Loosdrecht.