Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine

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We are all deeply shocked and horrified by the devastating war in Ukraine. Our thoughts go to the people of Ukraine and the immense human sufferings as they find themselves in the midst of a warzone. A unified western community strongly condemns the war and are horrified by the acts of violence against innocent people as it tries to deliver as much human support as possible. The war in Ukraine is first of all a human tragedy but at the same time one cannot ignore the critical political situation and the huge risks for long term consequences for the global security.

Whilst economic impact seems trivial in the greater scheme of what is now happening, nonetheless the global economy and trade has already been, and will continue to be, heavily affected.

At the Swedish Chamber we follow the developments in order to help our members navigate the latest and most relevant information. We encourage our member companies to support the human aid organizations who are standing by to help the people of Ukraine with immediate support. We will also re-launch our Member-to-Member series to pull together some useful resources which might be helpful when trying to understand how this war impacts you and your business. In addition, we will host several events related to the changing business landscape, including security and the global economy.

If you have any other questions or if you would like to share your knowledge and expertise with your fellow members in a short webinar do not hesitate to reach out to the Chamber at info@swedishchamber.nl