The Swedish Chamber of Commerce’s Summer Internship 2018 is now open for applications!

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce provides a dynamic networking platform to promote commercial and industrial relations between Dutch and Swedish individuals and businesses. During the summer of 2018 we offer an internship to a motivated and dedicated student who is at the end of his or her education.

The internship includes:
  • A wide range of work assignments such as communication & social media, event planning and administrative tasks
  • Assist in program planning and execution of the Chamber’s and the Young Professionals’ events
  • Develop and implement the Chamber’s communication strategy
General terms
  • Swedish citizenship
  • The intern must be registered as a student at a Swedish university
  • If the internship is not included in the student’s study program, the institution should verify that the internship is relevant to the student’s education
  • The intern must be insured
  • No compensation will be issued for the internship period and the intern is expected to find his or her own accommodation
  Send application letter and CV with picture to: Last application date:  April 4th, 2018
Visit Sweden moves office

Visit Sweden has moved their Amsterdam office from Herengracht 252 to HNK Amsterdam Arena, Stamanweg 102-108. The phone number +31 20 5206122 will no longer be valid as of February 1st 2018. Other phone numbers and email addresses will remain the same.

  Contact information: Anne Tusveld, Area Representative Visit Sweden +31 6 53244305   New address: Visit Sweden the Netherlands HNK Amsterdam Arena Burg. Stamanweg 102-108 11011 AA Amsterdam    
Swedish Chamber welcomes three new members!

We are very pleased and proud to welcome three new members to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Business Network. Swedish Chamber New Comer Export Prize Winner 2018 Daloc B.V, Margareta Svensson Fotografie and Solver Benelux B.

  Daloc Nederland Contact Person: Simon Nab Margareta Svensson Fotografie Contact Person: Margareta Svensson Solver Benelux B.V. Contact Person: Anders Rengefors  
Mercuri Urval 50 years

Fifty years have passed since Mercuri Urval was founded in Sweden. For the main part of that time we have been active in The Netherlands as well. And entering our 51st year, Roger Hagafors, Chairman of the Mercuri Urval Group Board is looking forward to a future where we will continue strengthening our unique competence in finding, selecting and developing the right executives and professionals that fulfil our clients’ needs. All based our strong conviction that in business “It’s all about people” - in Sweden, in The Netherlands and all around the world. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce congraulates Mercuri Urval to their 50th Anniversary and welcome you to read Mr. Hagafors letter to Mercuri Urval Clients and Candidates on this occation below.

  Dear Clients and Candidates Fifty years have passed since Mercuri Urval was founded. Today we stand strong as a leading global Executive Search, Professional Recruitment and Talent Advisory firm, with 70 teams spanning the world to ensure that our company, employees and clients prosper in the future. And as the ownership of Mercuri Urval is transferred to an independent foundation, we know that Mercuri Urval will remain a long-standing, strong and independent company, ready to serve you, our clients and candidates, for the next 50 years, wherever in the world you need us. This letter marks our celebration year. In our industry, turning fifty is a tremendous milestone. But instead of looking back at the past we will dedicate the coming year’s celebrations to the future of our company, our clients and our candidates. As part of this year of celebration, we are launching a new initiative ‘The Successful Executive’. In a series of practical articles and interviews, we will share our insights and expertise on how you can achieve the extraordinary. Because extraordinary people have always been – and always will be – the essence of Mercuri Urval. Ever since we were founded, our mission has been to help leaders become more successful and deliver the best possible results for their organisation. In the next fifty years we want to build on our existing strengths. We firmly intend that our ability to advise our clients will remain unrivalled. Continually strengthening Mercuri Urval’s unique competence in finding, selecting and developing the right executives and professionals that fulfil clients’ needs is at the heart of our plans. When we say “Extraordinary Results. It’s all about people.” it is not just a strap line; it’s a deeply held conviction. I feel truly privileged to be a part of Mercuri Urval’s journey. This year our teams will celebrate together Mercuri Urval’s exceptional history, accelerate the development of our company and continue to strive for excellence. I sincerely hope that you will join us in our celebration and that you find our upcoming series of articles focused on how to be an even more successful executive interesting and valuable. As we enter our 51st year – stronger than ever yet still ambitious to achieve even more for our clients, candidates and employees I’d like to thank all of you for being on this extraordinary journey with us.   Roger Hagafors, Chairman of the Group Board, Mercuri Urval
Ingvar Kamprad Life time Achievment Award 2010

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce offers their deepest and warm condoleances to family and friends and his dear colleagues with the loss of Ingvar Kamprad. We are proudly looking back to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary in the Netherlands when we were honoured to hand out the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary Life Time Achievement Award to Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of IKEA.

  The Swedish Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary Life Time Achievement Award To Mr. Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of IKEA   Ingvar Kamprad turned vision into mission and innovation into reality when he founded IKEA, now among the world's largest brands. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands is very pleased to announce that Mr. Ingvar Kamprad receives the Swedish Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary Lifetime Achievement Award in recognition of his efforts “to create a better everyday life for the many people” for his humane approach of doing business, for his untiring search for new, better and environmental friendly solutions and for serving as a role model for entrepreneurs and workers all over the world. He created an amazing corporation based on an even more impressive business concept, and he still lives it. “Ingvar Kamprad, born March 30, 1926 is an entrepreneur from the Småland province in southern Sweden, who had an innovative idea. In Småland, although the soil is thin and poor, the people have a reputation for working hard, living carefully and making the most out of limited resources. So when Ingvar Kamprad started his furniture business in the late 1940s, he applied the lessons he learned in Småland to the home furnishings market and IKEA. His innovative idea was to offer home furnishing products of good function and design at prices much lower than competitors by using simple cost-cutting solutions that did not affect the quality of products. Ingvar used every opportunity to reduce costs, and he scraped and saved in every way possible - except on ideas and quality.”   In 1958 IKEA Group opened its first IKEA Store in Älmhult.  In 1973, the first IKEA Store outside Scandinavia was opened in Zurich and in 1975 the first IKEA Storestores opened in the Netherlands. Today there are more than 300 IKEA stores on four continents. Kamprad's vision has been the driving force behind the success. The self-service store design and ease of assembly of their furniture are not merely cost controls, but an opportunity for self-sufficiency. IKEA Brand name has now become known worldwide for its innovative and stylish designs. Almost all IKEA products are designed for flat packaging, which reduces shipping costs, minimizes transport damage, increases store inventory capacity, and makes it easier for customers to take the furniture home themselves, rather than needing delivery. But above all, the components put together make a different for the environment. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands is proud to honor Mr. Ingvar Kamprad, one of the worlds leading entrepreneurs. With great respect we honour him for what he has achieved in a life time. It is outstanding to reach as far as Mr. Ingvar Kamprad has done in a lifetime and even more remarkable to stay committed to the lifestyle and principles that enable the company to stay its course, sixty years after it was founded on a farm in the Smaland region of Sweden." We honour him for his humane approach to doing business, for his untiring search for new and better solutions, and for serving as a role model for aspiring entrepreneurs and workers all over the world." The Swedish Chamber of Commerce 50th Anniversary Life Achievement Award is presented by The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands in connection with the 50th Anniversary of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.   Amsterdam, 28 October 2010   Håkan  Emsgård                                                              Nils van Dijkman H.E Ambassador of Sweden                                           Chairman of the Swedish Honorary Chairman of                                                    Chamber of Commerce The Swedish Chamber of Commerce  
Update Dutch Politics – another exciting year ahead?

A brief recap of 2017 and what to expect in 2018

  2017 - A year to remember - The general elections on 15 March resulted in a very fragmented parliament, including 13 different political parties. - The VVD/Conservative Liberals of PM Rutte became the biggest party (21%), followed by the PVV/Freedom Party (13%), CDA/Christian Democrats (12%), D66/Liberal Democrats (12%) and GroenLinks/Greens (9%). - Two relatively new parties made it into the parliament for the first time: DENK ('Think'), a pro-immigrant party (2%), and Forum voor Democratie, a national-conservative party (2%). - On 26 Oktober, 225 days after election day (which is the longest formation period in Dutch parliamentary history), a centre-right government was installed, again led by PM Rutte and consisting of 4 parties: VVD/Conservative Liberals, CDA/Christian Democrats, D66/Liberal Democrats and ChristianUnion/Christian Conservatives. - The new government has just a slight majority in parliament - 76 seats of a total of 150 seats -  which makes it a very fragile coalition. Due to the fact that the coaliton parties only have a slight majority in the senate as well (38 seats of 75 seats in total), many believe the new government won't last for long. This is confirmed by the latest polls, which show that the three biggest coalition parties would all lose seats in Parliament if general elections would be held now.   2018 - Priorities new government and local elections According to their government agreement, the new government will focus on multiple topics, including: * Repeal the 15% dividend to attract foreign business and decrease administrative red tape for Dutch business. * Set up experiments with regulated cannabis cultivation. * Take measures against 'activist shareholders' to protect Dutch corporations from hostile takeovers. * Realise a National Climate and Energy Agreement, involving business, NGO's and policy makers, to kickstart the low carbon transition in the Netherlands. - In March 2018 local elections will take place in 335 municipalities, electing members of the local councils: * After the elections the members of the city councils will elect colleges of aldermen to run their municipality. * These elections are not about electing majors, as these are appointed by the Crown, after the recommendation of the city council. * Local parties usually win about 40% of the votes during local elections.   What else to expect in 2018? The rise of the national-conservative Forum of Democracy - led by Thierry Baudet (elected politician of the year 2017) - is expected to continue, mostly at the expense of Geert Wilders' PVV. According to the latest polls, their anti-EU, anti-immigration and anti-establishment agenda would win them 11 seats in parliament (presently they have 2 seats). - The Dutch government is expected to push for a 'soft Brexit', to keep Britain as close to the European Union as possible. According to a new report (by KPMG) Dutch business would be hit hard by a 'hard Brexit', as costs could be up to 620 million euros due to import and export costs and red tape. - Having beaten 19 European cities (including Milan, Copenhagen and Barcelona) the city of Amsterdam is ready to host the Europea Medicines Agency (EMA), probably by 2019. Although some worry that due to the inlfux of EMA employees the housing market will overheat even more, most Dutch people welcome this important EU agency to Amsterdam.     For more information:
Ikea investerar i Matsmart – ska expandera utanför Norden

”Matsmart är ett intressant bolag med en genuin affärsidé som stämmer väl överens med våra ambitioner om att fler människor får tillgång till bra mat till ett lågt pris. Minoritetsinvesteringar som den här syftar till att stödja innovativa företag som är verksamma inom sektorer relevanta för Ikea-koncernen och som har en positiv inverkan på människor och miljö”, säger Krister Mattsson, chef för corporate finance på Ikea Group.

  Ikea har börjat investera aktivt i teknikbolag. I fjol förvärvade man . Ikea startade i fjol även ett . Matsmart lanserades tidigt 2014 med ambitionen att köpa upp livsmedel som annars skulle ha slängts och sälja det på nätet till ett lägre pris än i kedjornas butiker. To read the article:
Nick van der Dussen new owner and general manager Undutchables

Swedish Chamber of Commerce member company Undutchables is proud to announce its new owner and general manager Nick van der Dussen.

Nick replaces co-founder Ilse Visser and Undutchables' general manager, Paula Verstappen, who has served Undutchables since 2000. Prior to his appointment as owner and general manager of Undutchables, Nick was employed as Undutchables' commercial manager. With a bright outlook on the future and developments that this industry is experiencing, Ilse Visser and Paula Verstappen are confident that Nick van der Dussen is the right person for the job and will further elevate the growth of the company, whilst keeping the organization true to itself. Read more: