Breakfast meeting with an update on Dutch Politics
On Thursday, November 9, the Swedish Chamber, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in the Hague and Public Matters, invited our members to listen to an update on the Dutch politics. It was a great opportunity to ask questions and gather insight from the expert, Cees Westera, Public Matters.   Thank you to Cees Westera, Public Matters for the very interesting update on the current political situation! And thank you to the Swedish Embassy for inviting us to the Hague and for a great collaboration!                 
Are you an overfunctioning leader?
Welcome to read Malin Hedlund's, MH Leaderhip, latest article about leadership! "- So many people I know are working way too much, and feel like delegating is more work than it’s worth. Over time, this means you get stuck in a pattern of doing urgent and important things that others could probably do, while still having to take care of your own responsibilities. What is this costing you in terms of your health, your relationships, and your happiness? Do you think this is just a temporary situation? My experience tells me it’s not - it’s a pattern that you have the power to change. " On November 16 it is time for the fourth and last workshop on the Business Woman Program 2017, coached by Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership. The theme for this session is "My business network", welcome to read more and sign up by clicking on this .  
Tailwinds now but autumn storms are coming
"Tailwinds now but autumn storms are coming" those were the opening words by Ann Öberg, Chief Economist Handelsbanken. On October 26, the Swedish Chamber had the honor to welcome Ann Öberg, Handelsbanken Sweden together with Dick van Mastrigt, Optimix as speakers for the annual Global Macro Outlook Seminar. The Swedish Chamber is very pleased with the great collaboration with Handelsbanken and hopes to continue this very interesting and important forum for economics. This Global Macro Outlook Seminar focused on the current situation in the economy, on growth, trade, and export. A big thank you to everyone that participated!  
Dick van Mastrigt, Optimix                                     Ann Öberg, Handelsbanken
Sara Keusen, Counsellor Swedish Embassy Jens Wiklund, CEO Handelsbanken NL Ann Öberg, Chief Economist Handelsbanken Sweden
Leading seating manufacturer promises furniture perfection under new house of brands: Flokk

Formerly known as Scandinavian Business Seating, the brand owner of leading office furniture producers HAG, RH, BMA, RBM, Malmstolen and OFFECCT will come together under new house of brands, Flokk. The move comes ten years on from the group being formed and spells exciting times ahead.

Welcome to read the press release!

Lars Ivar Røiri, CEO, said ‘Our business has grown and evolved significantly over the past decade, we’ve welcomed new brands into our family and established showrooms and offices in fifteen countries. As we continue to expand we see from customer demand that we have an opportunity to redefine our role as enabler of leading, high quality brands in the market. By offering our design expertise, wide portfolio and impressive value chain, Flokk can provide our customers with a high degree of flexibility and service.

Through the recent acquisition of OFFECCT, we have broadened our product range from seating to a wide variety of furnishing. And there are further strategic acquisitions to come.

Christian Lodgaard, Senior Vice President, Products and Brands continued ‘The phrase ‘deep design thinking’ reflects how we work, caring sincerely about people and the world we live in. Our goal is to create designs that have positive effects on health, are sustainable and beautiful. This requires our best efforts and full attention at all times.

We never give up. And we emphasize thoroughness and involving, iterative processes in our pursuit of perfection.’

Flokk prides itself on innovative visual concepts. Aesthetics play an important role in today’s society, communicating values and purpose. Flokk ensures that what works functionally and ergonomically, also looks and feels right.

The vision of Flokk is to inspire great work. They believe in people truly putting their hearts and minds into their work. With their passion for furnishing, they contribute to others fulfilling their potential.

Meet the Mentors for the Mentorship program 2017/2018!

On October 31st it was time to kick-off the Mentorship program 2017/2018!

We are happy to introduce the Mentors that will be participating this year, welcome to read their presentations below!

After Movie Young Professionals 10 Year Anniversay!
This amazing after movie from the Young Professionals 10 Year Anniversary celebrations by Digital Captains just landed at the Swedish Chamber! Great work by Digital Captains! Don't miss their Social Media and Storytelling workshop this Friday, October 20th - the workshop is offered free of charge to the participants of the YP 10 Year Anniversary.  
#NordicTalks – No time to waste!

On October 10, 2017, the Swedish Chamber of Commerce hosted together with the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the Danish Dutch Business Club and four of the respective Nordic Embassies, the annual Nordic Business Forum, #NordicTalks, where the agenda was the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Thank you to everyone that participated and made this afternoon an inspirational and forward-thinking forum for Sustainable Development.

Thank you to our inspiring speakers and moderator: Johanna Lund Rockliffe, Enact Richard Westlake, AkzoNobel Charlotte Wolff-Bye, Statoil Rob Wolters, Ericsson Hannie Stappers, ROCKWOOL NL Robert A. Taylor, UPM Raflatac Annelien van Meer, Enact   And to our Embassies Embassy of Sweden in The Hague Royal Norwegian Embassy in The Hague Embassy of Denmark in the Netherlands Embassy of Finland in The Hague  

Also, a special thank you to our sponsor Stena Line and to our collaboration partner Northern Delight. Thank you Vitamin Well ABTony's Chocolonely and Wasa Nederland for providing snacks in the break.


Welcome to click here to see all of the photos from the event!

Parties agree coalition government after a record 209 days!

Today the new centre-right coalition presented its programme – and the new cabinet is expected to be installed 26 October

Today the four-party coalition (VVD/Liberal Conservatives, CDA/Christian Democrats, D66/Liberal Democrats and ChristenUnie/Christian Conservatives) has presented its coalition agreement ‘Trust in the future’ (‘Vertrouwen in de toekomst').

Now the process of appointing ministers will begin and the new centre-right cabinet, the third to be headed by prime minister Mark Rutte - is expected to be installed on 26 October. The new cabinet will have 16 ministers, 8-9 junior ministers and include new ministries, among which a minister of Climate & Energy, a minister of Agriculture and a minister of Immigration & Integration. The new coalition will have a majority of just one in the fragmented 13-party, 150-seat Dutch parliament and its ability to survive a four-year term is likely to prove the toughest test yet of Rutte’s consensus-building skills. Key elements of the agreement include:
  • The 15% dividend tax will be repealed to attract foreign business and decrease administrative red tape for Dutch business.
  • The income tax system will be changed by cutting the number of tax bands from four to two from 2019.
  • The rate at which mortgage holders can deduct interest from tax will be reduced.
  • The amount paid in asset taxes will be cut by increasing the tax-free limit from €25,000 to €30,000. Assets include savings, shares, art and second homes.
  • The lower value-added tax rate of 6% will be increased to 9%. The lower rate applies to food, books and entertainment and will add €20 a month to the average family’s grocery and entertainment bill.
  • The basic rates of corporation tax will be cut from 25% to 21% while a tax rate of 16% will be levied over the first €200,000 in profits.
  • The new cabinet will take measures against 'activist shareholders' to protect Dutch corporations from hostile takeovers.
  • So called ‘mailbox companies’ will have to pay more taxes on royalties and interest.
  • The way will be paved for the introduction of elected mayors but this not yet include drawn up plans of how to put this into reality.
  • Refugees with residency permits will no longer be able to claim welfare benefits or extra help in paying rent and health insurance for their first two years in the Netherlands.
  • A Climate Bill with legally binding goals for CO2-reduction and environmental measures will be introduced. The taxes on gas will go up, and taxes on electricity will go down.
  • The minister of Climate and Energy will negotiate a new energy agreement with stakeholders to reduce CO2-emissions. There will come an extra environmental tax on charter flights and large freight traffic will be charged a levy based on driven kilometres.
  • An extra €770m will be spent on primary teachers pay and improving working conditions.
  • It will be made easier for employers to hire new employees, by decreasing the term of continued wage paying in case of illness to a year for small bsiness up to twenty five employees.
  • €1.5 bn in extra spending on defence, €2bn extra for infrastructure, roads, public transport and bike paths.

The full text of the coalition agreement (in Dutch) is available via .