Malin Hedlund, empowering leaders to face the challenges of today
Leadership and personal development is something that should not be underestimated in a high-demanding business society. The leadership coach, Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership, empowers leaders to face the challenges of today and helps them step into their greatness. Malin Hedlund started out as a trainer in leadership, communication, and, presentation at Dale Carnegie Training in Sweden, in 1995. After that, she moved to a recruitment company, where she gained much knowledge and experience. Malin noticed that most managers had not reached their potential, despite their desire to grow in their professional development. “I believed that I could offer a bespoke, holistic program focused around theindividual, and this led to MHLeadership.” - Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership Realization of a personal goal Malin Hedlund started MH Leadership in the middle of the recession of 2009 in Sweden. People in her surroundings told her that these kinds of services would never be prioritized in a recession, but if she made it through, anything would be possible. Being stubborn and set on her goal, she carried out her plan and managed to realize it. In 2011, Malin moved with her family to the Netherlands and started building a new business network, something that took time and required a lot of effort and creativity from Malin’s side. Acknowledging trends in leadership In a constantly shifting business society, corporations need to be adaptive and flexible in order to meet the demands of the market. This requires leaders, on all levels, that is fit to lead and comfortable in their role of managing others and at the same time themselves. According to Malin, hierarchy within large enterprises seems to be decreasing, although some industries are still quite conservative. Organizational cultures are changing in the way of openness as for example open office landscapes, team involvement and cooperation with the whole group and moving across borders. With new generations taking more part in the labour market this also requires new ways of being a good and strong leader. A leader that is cohesive, self-aware and adaptive for trends and changes. Malin firmly believes that well-being is one of the most important ingredients in being a sustainable leader, and also physical strength. The way of the world today revolves around quick-fixes and shortcuts into achieving goals or missions whereas Malin would claim that endurance and persistence pay off, and building a solid foundation is key. Empowering women to be strong and confident leaders The collaboration with the Swedish Chamber is something that grew from Malin’s search of a broadened business network. About two years ago she hosted a leadership workshop and in that the Business Women Program took shape. During 2017, the Swedish Chamber had the opportunity to work together with Malin Hedlund, MHLeadership as a leadership coach for the Swedish Chamber Business Women Program. During four sessions Malin coached a group of business women, whose goal was to grow in their role as leaders and individuals. The opportunity to work with the Swedish Chamber has given more time to dig deeper into subjects and try new concepts and theories, Malin says. According to Malin, she found a new dimension in the subjects and new ways of approaching and visualizing them. Besides the cooperation with the Swedish Chamber, Malin works a lot with leadership coaching for larger business, often within technical engineering. Currently, most businesses require her expertise within generally male-dominated branches. What Malin offers to these company’s is an inspiration for leaders to inspire their teams, group development, one-to-one coaching and personal development coaching for example. Malin Hedlund, program coach of the Business Women Program 2017 The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to announce a new series of workshops coached by Malin Hedlund for the Business Women Program 2018.
Grand Christmas Raffle for the benefit of War Child
On Friday, December 15, during the evening of the Annual Swedish Chamber Lucia Dinner & Dance, the Grand Christmas Raffle for the benefit of War Child raised 1147 euro! This amount was then anonymously doubled by a guest which collected altogether an amount of 2300 euro. The Swedish Chamber would like to thank all of the companies contributing to the raffle: Westcord Hotel Delft, Hotel van Oranje, Stena Line, AKD Benelux Lawyers, Flokk, Hästens, Mackmyra Whiskey and Tony's Chocolonely.
Swedish Chamber Export Prize Award Ceremony
Amsterdam 18 December, 2017

Award winner of the Swedish Chamber Export Prize 2017

Klarna B.V. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands, The Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden were very proud to reward the Swedish Chamber Export Prize 2017, on December 15, 2017 to Klarna B.V. The prize was handed out by H.E Ambassador of Sweden Mr. Per Holmström to Mr. Robert Bueninck, General Manager, Klarna Nederland. The Swedish Chamber Export Prize aims to strengthen the Swedish Dutch business relations and has been awarded since 2012 to Swedish related companies in the Netherlands. Klarna B.V represented in the Netherlands has been awarded the Swedish Chamber Export Prize for being one of the second largest companies within payments methods on the Dutch market. During Klarna’s vast growth in the past two years the company has been granted a full banking license enabling the possibility to broaden its product portfolio for customers and merchants. The recently announced partnership with PPRO Group allows eCommerce businesses to improve conversion rates and provide a fast and smooth checkout process across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom.  
Mr. Robert Bueninck, General Manager Klarna, receiving the award from H.E. Ambassador of Sweden Mr. Per Holmström

Award winner of the Swedish Chamber Newcomer Export Prize 2017

Daloc AB The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands, The Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden were very proud reward the Swedish Chamber Export Prize 2017 in the category Newcomer, on December 15, 2017 to Daloc AB. The prize was handed out by H.E Ambassador of Sweden Mr. Per Holmström to Mr. Fredrik Silverstrand, CEO, Daloc AB. The Swedish Chamber Export Prize aims to strengthen the Swedish Dutch business relations and has been awarded since 2012 to Swedish related companies in the Netherlands. Daloc AB represented in the Netherlands has been awarded the Swedish Chamber Export Prize for their innovative and sustainable products and productions methods that are carefully selected to support a strong and ecologically sustainable society. Daloc’s products meet the customer's requirements in terms of function and environmental aspects. Designs and manufacturing methods are selected to minimize the impact on the environment. Daloc has found a first-mover advantage in the Dutch market with their home Security Doorsets that remains airtightness much longer than wooden doors and therefore causes a massive energy win over a longer period of time.
Mr. Fredrik Silverstrand, CEO Daloc receiving the Newcomer award from H.E. Ambassador of Sweden Mr. Per Holmström
Welcome new member!
Welcome, Atterstam Consulting, to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce!   We hope to see more of you during 2018!
Finland100Park Tree Adoption Certificate
Swedish Chamber donated a Birch tree planted in Finland100Park in Nieuw-Vennep, Haarlemmeer, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Finland as an independent nation. Stitching Finland is a consortium of the Embassy of Finland, the Finnish Seamen's Misson, the Finnish Dutch Chamber of Commerce, the Netherlands-Finland Association and the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux. The Swedish Chamber wish Finland congratulations on 100 years!
Raffle & Goodies stacking up in the Swedish Chamber office!

Next Friday, on December 15, it is time for the annual Swedish Chamber Lucia Dinner & Dance at Hotels van Oranje in Noordwijk!

For the evening we have gotten amazing contributions for the Grand Christmas Raffle, for the benefit of War Child Holland, and, gifts for the exclusive goodie bags. Here is a little sneak peek from the office with a mix of raffle gifts and goodies! Raffle gift from Westcord Hotel with an exclusive offer of a hotel night including breakfast for 2 and a pyjama & slippers from Hästens. Goodies in the photo are a beautiful candle holder from Kosta Boda, a cookbook from the Atlas Copco family and mini Mackmyra Whiskey's.

More goodies and raffle gifts have been generously contributed by Stena Line, Hotels van Oranje, Tony Chocolonely and Inter IKEA Systems.

The Grand Christmas Raffle is for the benefit of War Child Holland, if you would like to make a contribution and support the organization, please don't hesitate to contact us by email to and we will tell you more. Looking forward seeing you all there, with more than 130 guests we are expecting a fantastic party!


The Swedish Chamber thanks, all of the sponsors for their generous contributions!

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE: Branding Scandinavia’s #1 Attraction: Royal Djurgården
A team led by Julian Stubbs from UP THERE, EVERYWHERE have been working on the new branding project for Kungliga Djurgården, in Stockholm, Sweden.  An exciting new place brand identity for Royal Djurgården (the Royal Game Park) of Stockholm made its grand debut today at a special event attended by Björn Ulvaeus, the Swedish songwriter, and former ABBA band member. UP was delighted to be a part of the event, having led the team that created the new brand, identity, and website. The area called Djurgården, in Stockholm, Sweden, is home to over forty museums, attractions, and restaurants. Museums include the world famous Vasa Museum, the amusement park Grönalund, Sweden’s largest cultural park, Skansen, and more recent arrivals such as ABBA The Museum. Djurgården is also the place Stockholmers love to go and simply hang out on during weekends. It’s also owned by the Swedish King. Although each attraction is individually well known, there had never been any real attempt to market the place as a whole. To create a brand as an umbrella for all the attractions. UP was approached in September 2016 to develop a brand, an identity and a new website for this unique place. It was a labor of love.  
Long time loyal member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, Karin Björkman, establishes Undutchables Recruitment Agency in Sweden
Since January this year, Undutchables Recruitment Agency set their mark on Swedish territory and established their first business outside the Netherlands,  in Stockholm, Sweden. The recruitment agency originates from the Netherlands and was established in 1996. For the past few years, the company has been talking about how to engage in the internationalization process in European countries and then decided to do it with their own staff. Karin Björkman has lived for twenty years in the Netherlands but when the offer to pioneer the start-up of Undutchables in Sweden she accepted the challenge and moved with her family. Undutchables is known as a Dutch recruitment partner for international companies and candidates in the Netherlands. The company believes in matching multilingual talents with challenging jobs and getting the right person for the workplace. The right person in that sense does not only speak the language of the market but also understand its culture. Undutchables sees the add-value in people with international experiences and an open-minded way of thinking, cohesiveness, and openness to cultural differences. The new branch in Sweden aims to aid international business that wants to enter the Scandinavian market by trying to build bridges between the cultural differences. ”We want to be the link and the partner, for diversity, both for international companies and candidates”. - Karin Björkman, Owner of Undutchables Sweden The coming years for Undutchables in Sweden will revolve a lot around establishing the company in Sweden and building brand awareness. Thanks to our experience with the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, their professionalism and high-level commitment, we have now established contact and started collaborating with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in Sweden and other European Chambers in Sweden, Karin says. The Swedish Chamber wish Karin Björkman and Undutchables Sweden all the best with the establishment in the Swedish business landscape! Karin Björkman Owner of Undutchables Sweden