American Breakfast, November 9
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would like to thank all organization partners and guests for contributing to a successful American Breakfast event on November 9, 2016. A special thank to Mr. Michiel Bicker Caarten for guiding us through the election news during the morning, to Mr. Marcel Baartman, Clingendael for his economical analyze. We would also like to thank AmsterdamInBusiness and Hotel American for supporting this joint European Chamber's and Business clubs event.
Thank you Mikael Sørensen, Handelsbanken
On November 4, 2016 The Ambassador of Sweden Mr. Per Holmström held an exclusive luncheon at the Swedish residence to personally thank Mikael Sørensen for the very pleasent co-operation and for his personal committement towards Team Sweden and the Swedish Chamber of Commerce  during his time as CEO at Handelsbanken in the Netherlands. At the same time it has been very exiting to follow the fantastic growth of Handelsbanken in the Netherlands during those years. Mikael Sørensen has now been appointed CEO at Handelsbanken UK and will therefor be moving to London. The Swedish Chamber of Commerce wish Mikael Sørensen lots of success with his new asignment and we are very happy to introduce him to Ulla Nilsson and her Chamber colleagues in London.
Company visit Elekta, November 2
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce would liket to thank all members and guests for attending the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Company Visit to Elekta in Veenendaal to learn more about Elekta Brachytherapy presented by Maarten ter Mors and his colleagues. We would like to thank Maarten ter Mors and Thjis van Bommel for initiating this very interesting company presentation and Esther van Voorst for the welcoming hosting to their beautiful premises in Veenendaal.
Swedish Chamber of Commerce visited by Lund European Business Tour 2016
Thank you very much Lund European Business Tour 2016 for visiting the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. We were very pleased to feauture presentations by Justyna Krajewska, Amsterdam InBusiness and David Haqvinsson, Handelsbanken together with an introduction to the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. We wish you a successful continued tour in London!
Welcome Jens Wiklund Handelsbanken Nederland
PERSBERICHT Jens Wiklund nieuwe CEO Handelsbanken Nederland Amsterdam, 11 oktober 2016 – Handelsbanken heeft Jens Wiklund (41) benoemd als nieuwe CEO van Handelsbanken in Nederland. Hij is de opvolger van Mikael Sørensen die is benoemd als CEO van Handelsbanken in het Verenigd Koninkrijk. Jens Wiklund heeft de Finse nationaliteit en bekleedt momenteel de functie van Chief Financial Officer bij Handelsbanken UK. Hij beschikt over ruime internationale ervaring binnen Handelsbanken. Voorheen was hij onder andere Head of Finance/Senior Vice President van Handelsbanken Capital Markets, Head of Administration, Accounting & Control/Senior Vice President van Handelsbanken International en General Manager van ZAO Svenska Handelsbanken in Rusland. De benoeming van Jens Wiklund is onderhevig aan goedkeuring van de toezichthouder.