Measures to stop the spread of coronavirus extended
Together we will continue the approach to tackling coronavirus in the Netherlands. Handwashing, staying at home as much as possible, working from home, keeping a distance from others – all the measures advised by experts have been extended. But careful steps will be taken to give children and teenagers a little more freedom.
Thanks to the measures put in place to tackle coronavirus we are, slowly, moving in the right direction. Many people have found a way to manage their everyday lives, even if it is not always easy. Healthcare professionals are doing their utmost to give everyone the medical care they need. People are still being admitted to hospital with coronavirus, but the number of patients is falling steadily. Although the situation is still precarious, there is now some scope to relax measures. This will ease the pressure people are under. For example parents who are trying to combine work with schooling their children at home. And children and teenagers who are missing school, sports activities and playing. The scope we have now is the result of all our efforts. Because we have followed the measures, we can now take small steps forward. The government has extended most measures until 19 May inclusive. In the week before 19 May the government will assess what measures are necessary in the period after that date. Below is an overview of the measures that will change and when. Over the coming weeks, the practical details will be worked out in consultation with those involved. Read more:
Swe-Cham Patron Member Scania Production Zwolle is starting up the production Monday April 20
Zwolle/Breda - Scania treft thans voorbereidingen om bij Scania Production Zwolle en Scania Production Meppel de productie weer op te starten. Deze herstart maakt deel uit van een omvangrijke operatie om de gehele Europese productie weer voorzichtig en gefaseerd op te starten. In Zwolle zal de productielijn op 20 april a.s. weer gestart worden en in Meppel zullen de lakstraten en spuitcabines vanaf 28 april weer operationeel zijn. In de eerste fase zullen de volumes nog laag zijn en zal de primaire focus liggen op het creëren van een veilige werkomgeving voor de medewerkers en het testen van de leveranciers.   Op 20 maart jl. maakte Scania bekend een gestructureerde en goed georganiseerde stop van het gehele wereldwijde productiesysteem door te voeren. De herstart zal op dezelfde manier gebeuren: gepland, gestructureerd en gefaseerd. Scania zal de ontwikkeling en de activiteiten in het wereldwijde productiesysteem op de voet blijven volgen en aanpassen waar nodig. Dit geldt ook voor eventuele nieuwe maatregelen die door de overheid worden getroffen. De persoonlijke veiligheid van de medewerkers staat hierbij voorop. Het is absoluut noodzakelijk dat zij volgens de nationale richtlijnen van hygiëne en social distancing kunnen werken. Daarnaast zullen de vele leveranciers in de omvangrijke supply chain van Scania nauw gemonitord worden. Het voorzichtig opstarten van de productie betekent weer een stap in de goede richting.   De Scania service-organisatie, waaronder Scania Parts Logistics in het Belgische Oudsbergen en alle Scania werkplaatsen in de Benelux, is operationeel gebleven om de transportbedrijven een optimale inzetbaarheid van hun voertuigen te blijven garanderen. Met inachtneming van de nationaal geldende richtlijnen en met aangepaste huisregels voor bezoekers in de werkplaatsen is de continuïteit voor de Scania-klanten optimaal gebleven.   Photo by Scania Production Zwolle    
Swe-Cham Patron Member Anticimex offers disinfection service against Covid spreading

Anticimex is a worldwide Swedish based pest control company. They also offer a disinfections service by misting. The spray eliminates bacteria and viruses, including Covid19 in buildings.

 Who can benefit from this service?

‘We are working in various vital sectors with high risks of Covid. We aim at offices and other places where many people attend and tour. Companies in all branches see it as their responsibility to do as much as they can to protect their employees, customers and visitors.‘ Martijn Kwappenberg, Sales & Marketing Manager explains.

Read more: Trained Anticimex employees with fogging device and protective equipment. Photo: Anticimex
Saab Seaeye has received an order from the Defence Material Organisation (DMO), within the Ministry of Defence of the Netherlands for deliveries of the Sea Wasp underwater vehicle system. Saab Seaeye Sea Wasp will be used by the Dutch Navy
The Sea Wasp systems to be delivered will be used by the Dutch Navy. With a base weight of only 75 kg, Sea Wasp is a small and flexible ROV which can be used for a wide range of underwater operations, both within the commercial and military sectors. Sea Wasp can, for example, be used for sea mine detection and other reconnaissance operations. “We are delighted to deliver our Sea Wasp vehicle to the first European customer, a giant milestone for the product. It is also the first order we have received directly from DMO, which has strengthened the relationship with the customer and may facilitate future contracts and orders,” says Kate Palmér, Program Manager at Saab Seaeye. The order also covers some development, including the integration of the customer-specified Blueview sonar in the vehicle and HMI

Saab Seaeye is the world’s leading underwater e-robotics company, with the most advanced range of tethered, autonomous and hybrid electric robotic systems, engineered to address the diverse range of tasks found across commercial, defence and scientific markets.

Read the full Press Release here:

Swe-Cham Patron member Vattenfall signs agreement for the offshore grind connection for wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid 3&4

Vattenfall and TenneT have signed an agreement for the offshore grid connection for wind farm Hollandse Kust Zuid 3&4, marking a key milestone for this project.

The installation of the turbines at Hollandse Kust Zuid will start in 2022 and the wind farm will start producing fossil-free power to 3 million Dutch homes. Grid connection agreement important step on the way. Last year, both parties also signed an agreement for Hollandse Kust Zuid 1 & 2. TenneT is a transmission system operator (TSO) that manages the high-voltage grid in the Netherlands and large parts of Germany. "This is an important milestone, and I'm pleased that the contracts could be signed so quickly – just nine months after winning the bid in July 2019", says Catrin Jung, Head Offshore Wind at Vattenfall. "We're looking forward to work with TenneT on Hollandse Kust Zuid 3 & 4. The combined wind farms of Hollandse Kust Zuid will be able to cover the total energy demand of between two and three million households, which makes it a major driving factor behind the transition to renewable energies in the Netherlands." "The development of an offshore grid is well on track," states Marco Kuijpers, Director Offshore at TenneT. "Hollandse Kust Zuid is the second wind farm site to which we will be providing access in the form of two standardised AC connections of around 700 MW each. We are looking forward to working with Vattenfall as we develop HKZ 3 & 4." The installation of the turbines at Hollandse Kust Zuid will start in 2022 and the wind farm will start producing fossil-free power in 2023. The windfarm will have a combined maximum capacity of 1,500 MW. Read Vattenfall  Press release 2020-04-17 here:  
IKEA plans to open there warehouses again end of April
According to RTLZ Swe-Cham member IKEA plans to open their warehouses in the NL on April 28 inclusive safe corona restrictions. Restaurants and Småland however,remain closed.  

Ikea wil op 28 april de deuren van de Nederlandse zaken weer openen. De woonwinkelreus introduceert dan wel meerdere veiligheidsmaatregelen om eventuele verspreiding van het coronavirus tegen te gaan.

De maatregelen lijken sterk op de regels die nu al gelden bij verschillende winkels. Het aantal bezoekers dat tegelijkertijd de winkel in mag wordt beperkt en je mag met maximaal twee personen winkelen. Het bedrijf blijft de maatregelen en adviezen van het RIVM en de overheid volgen. Daarom benadrukt Ikea dat de heropening op 28 april onder voorbehoud is. Mocht het overheidsadvies aangepast worden, kan de heropening worden uitgesteld. Source and photo RTLZ Read more:
Svenska Golfklubben i Nederländerna congratulates Swe-Cham with 60th Anniversary
We congratulate the Chamber on their 60th anniversary and for the 6th time we are playing the Swedish Chamber Midsummer Cup. The golfing members of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce are invited to our annual Midsummer Cup on Saturday June 27, 2020, at 10.00 at Golfcentrum de Hoge Dijk, Amsterdam. Please make a note in your agenda for the date!     Should you have any questions please contact Lennart Larsson – – only in Swedish  
Scania Year-end Report January-December 2019
2019 was a year of continued growth and many records for Scania. Vehicle deliveries reached historically high levels as did service volume.
  Summary of the full year 2019
  • To fight climate change, Scania is setting Science Based Targets in line with limiting global warming to 1.5°C
  • Net sales increased by 11 percent to SEK 152,419 m. (137,126)
  • Operating income increased by 26 percent to SEK 17,488 m. (13,832)
  • Cash flow amounted to SEK 10,994 m. (3,718) in Vehicles and Services

Comments by Henrik Henriksson, President and CEO

“2019 was a year of continued growth and many records for Scania. Vehicle deliveries reached historically high levels as did service volume. Net sales amounted to record high SEK 152.4 billion, 11 percent up from previous year. Earnings were the highest ever at SEK 17,488 m., and operating margin 11.5 percent. Higher vehicle and service volume, currency effects and market mix contributed positively. Service revenue increased by 9 percent to SEK 28.9 billion. Operating income for Financial Services was a record high SEK 1,511 million.

Total order bookings for trucks and buses and coaches fell by 9 percent in 2019 compared to 2018. Demand for trucks in Europe slowed in the second half of 2019 due to a weakening economic cycle. In Latin America, Brazil’s recovery is progressing slowly. In Eurasia and Asia demand is impacted by political and trade-related concerns. For buses and coaches orders decreased in most regions. Scania managed to partly compensate the demand drop in the Middle East. Order intake in Engines was good, despite strong comparative figures 2018.

Adjustments of structural costs to lower volume is on-going and we are continuously reviewing staffing and consultant assignments for projects. It is a necessity for Scania to continue making large-scale investments in new technologies to help drive the shift towards sustainable transport.

To succeed in the transition to a fossil-free transport system, biofuels are crucial. In 2019, Scania increased sales of vehicles that run on alternatives to diesel by 46 percent (6,631 vehicles). There is great potential for wider use of biofuels as all Scania vehicles can run on biodiesel-HVO. Biofuels are available right now, while it is taking time for new technology to impact reduction of carbon emissions. In parallel with scaling up use of biofuels, Scania needs to invest in new technology and infrastructure for a gradual changeover to electrification.

In the electrification of heavy vehicles, there is no silver bullet but Scania is developing several technologies, often with customers. One technology track developed with grocery wholesaler ASKO is fuel cell electric trucks powered by hydrogen gas. The trucks recently entered into operation in Trondheim, Norway where ASKO opened a hydrogen gas station. In addition, Scania’s fully electric battery-powered trucks for city distribution were installed in the customer’s Oslo operations.

To reduce greenhouse gases at the rate and extent recommended by science, Scania is setting Science Based Targets in line with limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Scania thereby not only commits to reducing its own emissions, but also to achieving reductions where the main CO2 emissions occur – when the products are used.

The full impact on Scania due to the outbreak of the Coronavirus is not currently possible to predict, given the uncertainty of the situation. We are following developments day-by-day and keep a tight dialogue with our customers, suppliers, union representatives  and other partners.” Read more: Photo by Scania