Ruben Brunsveld, Ceremony Master at the Lucia Dinner & Dance!
On December 15, on the evening of the magnificent Lucia Dinner & Dance, the award winner of the Swedish Chamber Export Prize will be announced! Ceremony master for the evening an announcer of the award winner of the Export Prize 2017 is Ruben Brunsveld, Head of Culture and Leadership Enact Sweden. Ruben has worked as a senior advisor at Enact since 2013. He has a passion for the triangle of leadership, communication, and sustainability. His focus is on responsible and values-based leadership with an emphasis on diversity, inclusion and ethical business. He has trained hundreds of high-level private sector executives from Sweden, Russia, the Baltic States, Poland, China, India, Indonesia, Rwanda, Kenya, Tanzania and many other countries in sustainable business and responsible leadership. He is a very experienced process leader, moderator, and speaker as well as a highly valued trainer for the public sector. His list of clients for training seminars in public speaking and international negotiations include inter alia the Ministries of Foreign Affairs in Sweden, Poland and Iceland as well as many governmental agencies, high-level executives and TEDx events. Ruben has a background as a human rights expert and diplomat for the Dutch government, working for the Ministry of the Interior and the Dutch Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels.  Before working at Enact founded the Stockholm Institute for Public Speaking. The Swedish Chamber looks forward to welcoming Ruben Brunsveld to Amsterdam in December! Ruben Brunsveld, Head of Culture and Leadership Enact Sweden
Welcome New Member, Interfisc Group!
The Swedish Chamber keeps growing with many exciting member companies! This month we also say welcome to Interfisc Group! Click on the logo to visit their website and read more about what they do.
Meet the Swedish singer Anne-Lie Persson, entertainer for the Lucia Dinner & Dance!
Anne-Lie Persson is born and raised in Östersund, Sweden. Music has always been the given choice for Anne-Lie since both her parents sang and played instruments for the children during Anne-Lie's childhood. Growing up in a singing family made Anne-Lie who she is today and during car trips to Frosviken to see their relatives the whole familiy would be singing all the way to get there! Anne-Lie played oboe as a child and sang in the band "Mångalen" as a teenager. After graduating high school Anne-Lie moved to the Netherlands where she studied music at the jazz conservatory in Groningen and started singing in various bands. If you are not in the Netherlands, you can also meet Anne-Lie and her family in Jämtland, Sweden a few times a year when she is "home" to be with family and relatives and to enjoy the beautiful Hållsta! On December 13 we have the honor of welcoming Anne-Lie and her band Stockholm Tivoli to the Swedish Chamber Lucia Dinner & Dance on December 15! If you haven't already booked your seat or table, welcome to do so by sending an email to and read more about the festive Christmas occasion by !
Welcome New Member, Stromma Netherlands!
This month the Swedish Chamber is proud to welcome a new member company, Stromma Netherlands! Stromma Netherlands is Amsterdam’s most hospitable tourism company with its product brands Canal Tours Amsterdam, Hop on-Hop off, Amsterdam Excursions and its distribution brand Stromma Netherlands hosts 1.5 million guests annually on the waterways of Amsterdam with 31 cruise ships, one passenger ship on the river IJ, fourteen open boats, one classic saloon steamer and 100 pedal boats. Besides that, Stromma Netherlands offers a wide range of tourism products to discover Amsterdam and its surroundings. Such as tickets to any of the city’s museums and attractions and souvenirs. The company also provides excursions and observation deck A’DAM LOOKOUT to help spread visitors to areas outside of the city center. Stromma Netherlands is proud to hold the Golden Green Key, the international eco-label for sustainability and corporate social responsibility. With a long history that started with Rederij Bergmann in 1912 and Meijer’s Rondvaarten (in the ‘20’s), we are Amsterdam’s oldest and largest shipping company. In spring 2016 we became Stromma Netherlands and member of the Swedish Stromma Group (Strömma Turism & Sjöfart) that is also active in Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark. Stromma Group has been active in shipping and tourism for two centuries. Together with all members of Stromma Group, Stromma Netherlands aims to create lifelong memories for all their guests, by offering tours to discover each of Stromma’s twelve destinations.  
A meeting with Vincent Bosgraaf, Skogsgreven, or the Lazy Vegan if we may?
On a sunny autumn afternoon, we had the opportunity to sit down and have a talk with the Swedish Chamber member Vincent Bosgraaf, owner of the family-run company, Skogsgreven. For those of you not familiar with Skogsgreven they have a long history and expertise in freshly frozen potato fry-ups, or as you probably know it better, pyttipanna! Dates back to 1996 It was Vincent’s father, Sietze Bosgraaf that founded Skogsgreven back in 1996. As a young cook, he was curious and enthusiastic about the possibilities about frozen potato dishes and developed a new and unique Pyttipanna recipe that was exactly what the Scandinavian people were yearning for. This recipe is today the most classical there is when buying Pyttipanna! An unexpected Swedish connection About four years ago, Vincent Bosgraaf took over the family business. About the same time, he also joined the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. The Bosgraaf family is Dutch, but they have lived back and forth in Sweden, in the little town Strömstad, to be exact. Vincent’s reason for joining the Swedish Chamber of Commerce was more on the personal side of it, he claims. He enjoys meeting Swedish people and thinks that this is a perfect forum for it. Interesting news ahead Vincent describes himself and his activation in the Swedish Chamber to be a bit low-key, but from now on, things might just change for that matter. Since recently, Vincent Bosgraaf started a new company called Lazy Vegan, his own brand and company that he thinks is the ultimate answer to the lack of vegan and vegetarian food options in grocery stores. Lazy Vegan “Lazy Vegans are kind, they don’t harm animals, the planet or their own health. Lazy Vegans are chill, they make dinner in less than ten minutes and have time for the fun stuff.” The idea behind the product Vincent got from acknowledging the lack of vegan and vegetarian frozen food options in grocery stores. As the trend goes there are a lot of meat substitutes available, but not so many dishes containing them ready to buy. This is what Lazy Vegan wants to solve, a healthy dinner, with lots of vegetables, together with the protein hero pulled peaz(!) As we had the chance to try it too, we concur, it really is delicious! The product is set to launch in Swedish stores approximately in May 2018.
These are the products approaching the Swedish stores in May 2018. We got to taste them and it was super delicious!
Breakfast meeting with an update on Dutch Politics
On Thursday, November 9, the Swedish Chamber, in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in the Hague and Public Matters, invited our members to listen to an update on the Dutch politics. It was a great opportunity to ask questions and gather insight from the expert, Cees Westera, Public Matters.   Thank you to Cees Westera, Public Matters for the very interesting update on the current political situation! And thank you to the Swedish Embassy for inviting us to the Hague and for a great collaboration!                 
Are you an overfunctioning leader?
Welcome to read Malin Hedlund's, MH Leaderhip, latest article about leadership! "- So many people I know are working way too much, and feel like delegating is more work than it’s worth. Over time, this means you get stuck in a pattern of doing urgent and important things that others could probably do, while still having to take care of your own responsibilities. What is this costing you in terms of your health, your relationships, and your happiness? Do you think this is just a temporary situation? My experience tells me it’s not - it’s a pattern that you have the power to change. " On November 16 it is time for the fourth and last workshop on the Business Woman Program 2017, coached by Malin Hedlund, MH Leadership. The theme for this session is "My business network", welcome to read more and sign up by clicking on this .  
Tailwinds now but autumn storms are coming
"Tailwinds now but autumn storms are coming" those were the opening words by Ann Öberg, Chief Economist Handelsbanken. On October 26, the Swedish Chamber had the honor to welcome Ann Öberg, Handelsbanken Sweden together with Dick van Mastrigt, Optimix as speakers for the annual Global Macro Outlook Seminar. The Swedish Chamber is very pleased with the great collaboration with Handelsbanken and hopes to continue this very interesting and important forum for economics. This Global Macro Outlook Seminar focused on the current situation in the economy, on growth, trade, and export. A big thank you to everyone that participated!  
Dick van Mastrigt, Optimix                                     Ann Öberg, Handelsbanken
Sara Keusen, Counsellor Swedish Embassy Jens Wiklund, CEO Handelsbanken NL Ann Öberg, Chief Economist Handelsbanken Sweden