Join Swe-Cham Member UpThereEverywhere at their first Place Branding Question Time

Join us for the first Place Branding Question Time 

60-minute webinar discussion panel and your opportunity to ask the experts what they think

With the COVID-19 crisis far from over, is inward investment dead as a topic? UNCTAD predicts that global foreign direct investment (FDI) flows will drop 40% this year and will fall by an additional 5-10% in 2021. Places, cities and nations need to figure out a way forward and what a post-pandemic world could look like. Will competition between places change? Is travel vital in building up business relations? Do Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA) require organizational change?   Join us for a 60-minute webinar on Thursday, November 19 at 3pm CET/ 9 am EST presented by thought leaders and experts in place branding from some of Europe’s leading places representing a range of different views, covering the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden.   The panelists will be answering your questions regarding inward investment and their thoughts about the future.     Read more and to register:
New restrictions for travelling to Sweden
For Sweden code orange has been applied since November 9 and a negative travel advice for travelling from the Netherlands to Sweden is now in place. The advice is not to undertake any unnecessary travel plans to Sweden and if you have visited Sweden to apply 10 days of quarantine by arrival back in the Netherlands. For more information    
Anna Borg new President and CEO of Swe-Cham Patron Member Vattenfall

Anna Borg has been appointed new President and CEO of Vattenfall. Since 2017 Anna Borg is Vattenfall's CFO and has many years of experience within the energy sector.

Among other things, she has been Senior Vice President for Vattenfall's Business Area Markets, led the Nordic Sales business, the Swedish Heat business as well as the European B2C business. Anna Borg has also been Senior Vice President Nordics at Klarna. - Anna Borg has a broad and deep experience that makes her very well suited to be CEO at Vattenfall. She has been involved in setting the company's new strategic direction and is the right person to now take on and continue its execution. Anna is a good leader and knows Vattenfall and the energy sector from many years as an employee, manager and member of the Executive Group Management, says Vattenfall's Chairman of the Board, Lars G Nordström. - I am honoured to be appointed to continue leading Vattenfall into the next phase towards our goal to make fossil free living possible within one generation. We have a clear strategy and I look forward to make sure that we are focused on continuing to deliver on our ambitious plans, together with all of our skilled employees, says Anna Borg. Anna Borg was born 1971 and succeeds Magnus Hall who on July 21 announced that he will leave Vattenfall. Anna Borg takes on her position on November 1. The recruitment for a new CFO will commence immediately.   For more information:  
Partner Event US Elections November 4, 2020
We would like to thank you for joining the NBCC US Post Election Webinar. During this webinar, we had the honor of receiving the Deputy Chief of Misson of the U.S. Embassy the Netherlands, Marja Verloop and other top experts as they highlighted the American democracy in the changing world shared by the U.S., the UK and the EU. In the words of Rem Korteweg "There is no global problem that can be solved better than having the U.S. and Europe work together." We would like to thank our speakers Marja Verloop, Deputy Chief of Mission l U.S. Embassy the Netherlands, Willem Post, Senior visiting fellow on U.S. politics l Clingendael, Rem Korteweg, Senior Research Fellow | Clingendael, Bert Colijn, Senior Economist l ING and Greg Lohmeyer, US Tax desk in the UK l EY. In addition, we would also like to thank our moderators Erwin Sieders and Simone Admiraal, both Partners in the International Tax & Transaction Services Team at EY Amsterdam. To download the presentation, please click . To view the recording, please click
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Meet the Mentor
The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very proud to welcome Johan van ’t Hag, ExCo Member Strategy and M&A at Drümmen Orange as Mentor at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce and Young Professional Mentorship Program 2020-2021.
Coronavirus in the Netherlands: what you need to know
Prime minister Mark Rutte on Tuesday evening outlined new measures which the government hopes will have a greater impact on the number of coronavirus infections in the Netherlands. The new rules come into effect on Wednesday evening at 10pm, and will last for two weeks, when they will automatically halt. In addition, Rutte announced that the partial lockdown measures introduced on October 13 will continue until mid December. The impact of the new measures will be assessed in a couple of weeks. The government has also said it will introduce full lockdowns in areas where coronavirus infections continue to rise. Here are the main changes: Daily life: NEW: You may have no more than two (was three) visitors to your home in a 24 hour period, excluding children under the age of 13 NEW: Group sizes in public places and spaces should be no more than two (was four), from mixed households Working from home is to become the norm again, and ministers are again talking to employers organisations to make sure it is encouraged. NEW: No more than 30 people may attend a funeral and up to 20 people may attend a wedding. NEW: A decision on Christmas and New Year fireworks will be taken in two to three weeks. Sports NEW: Gyms remain open but there will be no group lessons for two weeks NEW: Swimming pools will be closed for two weeks No further changes announced in addition to measures of October 13 Museums, public buildings NEW: Museums, cinemas, theatres and libraries will be closed for two weeks NEW: Amusement parks and zoos will be closed for two weeks NEW: Casinos and sex clubs will close for two weeks Travel NEW: Travel outside the Netherlands is strongly recommended against up to mid January Avoid all but essential travel. Holidays and family visits are not considered essential No restrictions on holidays in the Netherlands, but people are recommended to stay in their holiday accommodation as much as possible. Regional lockdowns The infection rate in a number of areas is still increasing and is being closely monitored. If there is no improvement, the government will bring in a full lockdown in these districts. The measures will include: Closure of non-essential shops Closure of secondary schools, colleges and universities Night-time curfew Hospitality sector (no change) Cafes, bars and restaurants in the Netherlands will be closed until mid December, but they may open for takeaways Hotels may continue to serve their guests food, but not alcohol after 8pm and cafes may remain open past airport security gates It will be an offence to use or carry alcohol or soft drugs in public places between 8pm and 7am. Face masks (no change) The government also plans to make face masks compulsory in all indoor public spaces, but the date this will happen has not yet been finalised. Shops (no change) Shops apart from food stores must close at 8pm. No alcohol, or soft drugs, are to be sold after 8pm Source and Read more at
Book Tip: Advice to my dear daughter – now available in Dutch – Advies aan mijn lieve dochter
The title might not reveal that this book is aimed at women with drive, who want to far and have a career, but that is exactly what it is. The reader gets 46 pieces of advice to better navigate in business, and thereby have the possibility to truly make a difference.   In the book Swedish business profile and author Marianne Hamilton gives advice based on her own experience and from conversations with men and women she has been a mentor to. The approach is very pragmatic; the situations described are easy to recognize. “I believe in people’s inherent strength; people make it happen. A woman’s own desire and drive are the factors that will enable her to reach the position she wants,” says Marianne Hamilton. The book is recommended to women - and men - starting out in their careers. It is also suitable reading for all managers that will coach them. Advies aan mijn lieve dochter has an introduction by Ronnie Leten, Chairman of Ericsson and former CEO of Atlas Copco. He says, “I recommend the book to all women - and men – who are at the beginning of their career. But also to anyone who wonders why we are still talking about gender imbalance in leadership positions.”   To buy the book Advies aan mijn lieve dochter ISBN 9789151927909 Price approximately EUR 20. English title: Advice to my dear daughter Available in web-shops like About the author Marianne Hamilton was a member of Atlas Copco’s Executive Management team for 16 years. She has served on several corporate boards. Advice to my dear daughter is her fifth book and the first to be translated into Dutch.   Text: Annika Berglund Photo of Marianne Hamilton by Kurt Liefsoons