Potato milk – new plant-based drink

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The innovation of Almond milk, rice drink and soy milk are already developed. Also, oat drinks and coconut milk are a familiar concept. But a new plant-based drink has now been launched on the market: potato milk.

The Swedish company Veg of Lund has developed the potato milk that is marketed under the name of DUG. The potato milk contains 6 % to 9 % of potatoes and it also contains water, rapeseed oil, fructose, pea protein and added vitamins D and B12.

According to DUG, one reason for selecting potatoes is the fact that the climate impact is 25% of that of cow’s milk. In addition, the harvest per hectare of potatoes is twice that of oats and potatoes need 56 times less water to grow than almonds, the website argues. 


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