Prolonged coronavirus measures in the Netherlands

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The numbers of new coronavirus infections are still very high as well as the coronavirus pressure on hospitals. But the increase in infections caused by the Delta variant seems to have passed its peak. This indicates that the measures and our joint efforts to combat the virus have a visible effect. It is still important to keep pushing back the virus as long as hospitals are struggling to cope, and the new Omicron variant also gives cause for concern and demands a cautious approach.

Therefore, the government is prolonging the measures introduced on November 28, until at least Friday 14, January 2022. Primary schools, schools for special (primary) education, and out-of-school care facilities (BSO) will be closed as well in the week before Christmas. However, BSO will be open again during the regular Christmas break. Primary school will reopen on Monday 10, January 2022.

On January 14, the situation will be reviewed again, or perhaps at an earlier date if the Outbreak Management Team obtains new insights into the Omicron variant.

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