Rutte IV Cabinet sworn in by Dutch King

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On Monday 10, January, Mark Rutte’s fourth cabinet was formally sworn in, almost 10 months after the general election and a year since the cabinet step down over the childcare benefit scandal.

The new cabinet consists of 29 ministers and junior ministers and includes several new posts in order to tackle urgent issues currently facing the Netherlands. Healthcare, climate and environment, housing, and jobs dominate the key tasks of the new cabinet.


After nearly two years of crisis management during the Covid-19 pandemic, a newcomer, hospital chief and doctor Ernst Kuipers, replaces Hugo de Jonge. Among other things, he will steer the country through the Omicron surge, as well as appoint a taskforce charged with looking at different options to make better use of existing healthcare staff this winter.

Climate and environment

The new cabinet has a goal to cut greenhouse gases by 55% by 2030, but the target is a long-term impact, including the development of a new national grid.


Instead of focusing on Coronavirus, Hugo de Jonge moves over to housing. His focus will be on making sure more housing is built and that there are more affordable homes.


In particular, the distinction between ordinary paid employment and self-employment will come under new government examination. Social affairs minister Karien van Gennip will be responsible for getting unions and employers to agree on a course.


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