Snoop Dogg becomes a shareholder in Klarna and transforms into Smoooth Dogg

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Stockholm, January 17, 2019 – Klarna, a leading global payment provider and bank, joins forces with rapper and global pop culture icon Snoop Dogg in order to bring the company’s communication concept of “Smoooth” to the next level. The collaboration entails Snoop Dogg becoming Smoooth Dogg and the face of a major campaign called “Get Smoooth”, as well as Snoop Dogg becoming a minor shareholder in Klarna.

As a communicative concept, “Smoooth” encapsulates Klarna’s strategy as well as its promise in a single word, meaning: removing friction from the world of pay later payments. To make this effort abundantly clear, the company now teams up with Snoop Dogg, arguably the smoothest man alive, on his journey to become even smoother, in the campaign “Get Smoooth”. For Snoop Dogg, this is part of his European investment strategy.


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