Swe-Cham Member Stromma Sustainability Report 2019

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We are very pleased to share Swe-Cham Member Stromma’s Sustainability Report 2019 including electrification of buses and boats in the NL. “Enjoying Amsterdam at its best in a sustainable way – that’s what it’s all about!”

Read Stromma Sustainability Report 2019 here


About Stromma

Stromma produces experiences that aim to give every single guest lifelong memories. These experiences are focused on sightseeing tours, entertainment and activities for tourists, local residents and companies, where heritage archipelago vessels, modern sightseeing boats, unique facilities, special buses and a friendly atmosphere constitute the key components.

Stromma’s experiences are underpinned by a strong tradition of historic and cultural values. Strömma has a history dating back to 1809. Today the company is the largest provider of experiences in the Nordics. Today Stromma operates in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Oslo, Stavanger, Bergen, Geiranger, Ålesund, Aarhus and Berlin. Stromma’s 30 brands include several well-known names.