Swe-Cham visits Volvo Cars Beesd

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Ehsan Turabaz and Kerstin Gerlagh were very pleased to visit Herrik van der Graag, General Manager Volvo Cars B.V. in Beesd on May 29 for an business update and to discuss future collaborations.

In the view of Swedish values Herrik van der Graag also informed about Volvo’ s big step earlier this month to launch a paid gender-neutral parental leave policy for all sales company employees in the EMEA region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), offering mothers and fathers a total of six months of leave with 80 per cent pay. The new Volvo Cars policy is more generous and inclusive than most existing national parental leave policies in Europe and is the first of its kind in the car industry and is inspired by national legislation in Volvo Cars’ home market of Sweden, famous around the globe for its generous parental leave arrangements, which have delivered tangible benefits for parents and children alike in recent decades. The new policy forms part of Volvo Cars’ ambitious people strategy, aimed at attracting and retaining the best people. Volvo Cars aims to position itself as an employer of choice to both existing and future employees by offering one of the most generous and inclusive paid parental leave packages.

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