Sweco 100% CO2 Neutral & Circular in 2035

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In a recent interview, Martin Van Der Heijden, CFO Sweco Nederland, shares insights into Sweco’s sustainability ambitions.

“What are our sustainability ambitions?
We have set ourselves the goal of being 100% CO2 neutral and 100% circular by 2035. That is ambitious but certainly achievable! The signal that we also want to send out with this is that we have sustainability high on our agenda, not only in cooperation with the customer but as an organization.

Why is that important to us?
It is necessary to steer this when we look at the world around us. The world of which we are a part, both as an organization and as individuals. A world in which our children grow up and a world of which we owe ourselves to be careful. We don’t just want to stay up-to-speed with what other companies are doing, but we want to be ahead of the curve. Be a front runner.”

Click here to read the full interview (in Dutch).

It’s still possible to sign up for “The Green Transition Event” by Sweco and Husqvarna on February 2, 2023. For more information follow the link: https://bit.ly/3Ho3hnJ