Sweden: Changed requi­re­ments for perma­nent resi­dence permits

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The Swedish Parliament has enacted changes to the Aliens Act, which begin to apply on 20 July. They replace the the temporary law.

The new rules mean that the requirements to receive a permanent residence permit are changing. Among other things, it will be required that each family member must him- or herself meet the requirements in order to receive a permanent residence permit. There will also be changes to who has the possibility of family reunification and who is covered by the requirement to be able to financially support oneself when relatives apply for residence permits.

There are no transitional rules. This means that, if you have already applied for an extended residence permit or a permanent residence permit and have not received a decision before 20 July, your application will be examined according to the new rules.

New requi­re­ments to obtain a perma­nent resi­dence permit

To be eligible for a permanent residence permit after 20 July, you must

  • have held a residence permit for at least three years
  • be able to financially support yourself
  • be expected to live an orderly life.

If you are an adult, you must be able to financially support yourself to be eligible for a permanent residence permit. You show that you can financially support yourself with, for example, income from employment or self-employment. The Swedish Migration Agency cannot yet say how large your income must be to be able to receive a permanent residence permit. More information on this will be published as soon as the rules are clear.

Your family members must themselves meet the requirements to receive permanent residence permits. They can no longer receive a permanent residence permit just because you receive one.

If you do not meet the requirements for a permanent residence permit, you may still be able to receive an extended residence permit if you meet the requirements.

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What does Sweden’s new migration law mean for residence permit-holders?


One big exemption is introduced in the new law, which was also the case pre-2016: the maintenance requirement is removed for citizens of Sweden, an EU/EEA country or Switzerland who are bringing their spouse or co-habiting partner to Sweden. This makes it easier for people in this category to bring their partners to Sweden. But it is only being removed if the couple can prove they have lived together in another country, or otherwise prove they have a “well-established” relationship. The law does not set out exact details of how you could prove a well-established relationship.

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