Sweden: Several corona restrictions has been eased on 1 July

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The fact that the number of vaccinated people in Sweden continues to increase at the same time as the spread of infection decreases means that the Public Health Agency of Sweden assesses that the adaptation of infection control measures can continue as planned.

From 1 July, a number of changes has taken place. Here are some examples:

  • The size limit for gatherings is abolished for outdoor serving venues.
  • Indoors, a group of eight people can sit together in a restaurant.
  • The regulation of opening hours for restaurants and other serving venues is removed.
  • The number of participants in private gatherings in rented premises is increased to 50.
  • Indoors, 50 participants are allowed at various events.
  • If participants are assigned a seat, the ceiling will be 300 people.
  • Outdoors, 3,000 seated participants are allowed.
  • For outdoor demonstrations, 1,800 participants are allowed.
  • For running competitions, a maximum of 900 participants applies.

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