Sweden’s new Government

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Published 09 July 2021


On July 9, 2021  in the Riksdag, Prime Minister Stefan Löfven announced the ministers who will serve in the Government. The change of government took place at a Council of State at the Royal Palace presided over by His Majesty The King.


Sweden’s new Government consists of the Prime Minister and 21 ministers.

Prime Minister
Stefan Löfven

Minister for EU Affairs
Hans Dahlgren

Minister for Employment
Eva Nordmark

Minister for Gender Equality and Housing, with responsibility for urban development, anti-segregation and anti-discrimination
Märta Stenevi

Minister for Finance
Magdalena Andersson

Minister for Public Administration
Lena Micko

Minister for Financial Markets and Deputy Minister for Finance
Åsa Lindhagen

Minister for Defence
Peter Hultqvist

Minister for Infrastructure
Tomas Eneroth

Minister for Energy and Digital Development
Anders Ygeman

Minister for Justice and Migration
Morgan Johansson

Minister for Home Affairs
Mikael Damberg

Minister for Culture and Democracy, with responsibility for sport
Amanda Lind

Minister for Environment and Climate, and Deputy Prime Minister

Per Bolund

Minister for Business, Industry and Innovation
Ibrahim Baylan

Minister for Health and Social Affairs
Lena Hallengren

Minister for Social Security
Ardalan Shekarabi

Minister for Education
Anna Ekström

Minister for Higher Education and Research
Matilda Ernkrans

Minister for Foreign Affairs
Ann Linde

Minister for International Development Cooperation
Per Olsson Fridh

Minister for Foreign Trade and Nordic Affairs
Anna Hallberg


FRONT ROW: Ann Linde, Per Bolund, Märta Stenevi, Stefan Löfven, Magdalena Andersson, Morgan Johansson, Eva Nordmark. MIDDLE ROW: Amanda Lind, Ardalan Shekarabi, Anna Ekström, Mikael Damberg, Åsa Lindhagen, Ibrahim Baylan, Tomas Eneroth, Lena Hallengren. BACK ROW: Hans Dahlgren, Lena Micko, Anders Ygeman, Anna Hallberg, Peter Hultqvist, Matilda Ernkrans, Per Olsson Fridh.

Photo: Magnus Liljegren/Government Offices

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