Swedish Chamber Export Prize Award 2017!

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Swedish Chamber Export Prize Award 2017

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands, The Embassy of Sweden and Business Sweden are very proud to announce the winner of the Swedish Chamber Export Prize 2017. The Swedish Chamber Export Prize aims to strengthen the Swedish-Dutch business relations and has been awarded since 2012 to Swedish related companies in the Netherlands which fulfills the following criteria:

Nominated Companies Should

  1. Have a Swedish mother company
  2. Meet high standards of Innovation and Sustainability in their operations
  3. Be able to show a positive development of export and trade with the Netherlands during the past three years
  4. Have a solid financial base and positive performance in the Dutch market
  5. Not have been rewarded with the Export Prize for the past 5 years


The Swedish Chamber Export Prize 2017 is awarded to:

“Klarna B.V represented in the Netherlands has been awarded the Swedish Chamber Export Prize for being one of the second largest companies within payments methods on the Dutch market. During Klarna’s vast growth in the past two years, the company has been granted a full banking license enabling the possibility to broaden its product portfolio for customers and merchants. The recently announced partnership with PPRO Group allows eCommerce businesses to improve conversion rates and provide a fast and smooth checkout process across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, and the United Kingdom.”

This year, for the first time, the Jury has decided to award a Swedish newcomer to the Dutch market to encourage small and medium enterprises with an impact on the Dutch market.

The Swedish Chamber Newcomer Export Prize is awarded to:

“Daloc AB represented in the Netherlands has been awarded the Swedish Chamber Export Prize for their innovative and sustainable products and productions methods that are carefully selected to support a strong and ecologically sustainable society. Daloc’s products meet the customer’s requirements in terms of function and environmental aspects. Designs and manufacturing methods are selected to minimize the impact on the environment. Daloc has found a first-mover advantage in the Dutch market with their home Security Doorsets that remains airtightness much longer than wooden doors and therefore causes a massive energy win over a longer period of time.”


Award Ceremony takes place at the Swedish Chamber of Commerce Lucia Dinner & Dance on December 15, 2017


Members of the Jury:
H.E. Ambassador of Sweden, Mr. Per Holmström
Mr. Ehsan Turabaz, Swedish Chamber of Commerce,
Mr. Tomas Korseman, Business Sweden

For more information:
Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Business Sweden

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