Swedish Fika

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Probably you have all heard about the Swedish fika-tradition; the morning or afternoon break that most Swedes take, at work or with friends/family, to have a cup of coffee and a “bulle” (cinnamon roll). A break to relax, have a chat, gather new energy and inspiration for the day.

Why not try a fika-inspired afternoon break at your company or event instead of the usual “bitterballen” and finger food? Northern Delight offers a custom made fika-experience with a buffet of different sort of sweet rolls, cookies and cakes.  A combination of sweet and savoury treats is of course also possible.

Make the fika-experience complete with a barista serving al different kinds of coffee, upon individual order of your colleagues/customers, fresh from the espresso machine. Northern Delight offers this option in cooperation with barista partners.

For more information send an e-mail to: info@northerndelight.nl

or call 06-15 08 73 63.

Have a nice day!