Swedish roots with a touch of orange

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An early spring morning fifteen years ago, Roland van Pooij stepped in to the office of what a decade later, would become one of the six home markets of Handelsbanken. He was the first employee to open up a branch for Handelsbanken in the Netherlands and today he is the Chief Operating Officer at the headquarters at Schiphol.

Since the start in 2002 the bank has grown steadily, customer-by-customer, branch-by-branch – all in the Swedish Handelsbanken spirit. Today they have 27 established branches and more than 270 employees working to serve the customers of the bank. Handelsbanken has been a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce from the start and when the Young Professionals was initiated they were one of the first member companies to support the network. For Handelsbanken, the Young Professionals serves as a platform where their employees can develop and grow their professional network.

– The Young Professionals of today think differently than my senior colleagues and I, and they are also intuitively aware of topics such as innovation and sustainability. By introducing them to the Young Professionals we can nourish their curiosity and encourage them to keep developing within these fields as well as the core values that we share with the Swedish Chamber, says Roland.

Handelsbanken is now strengthening their ties to the Young Professionals by having one of the credit analysts Rens Ramakers joining the Young Professionals Committee.

– We are very happy to have Rens chosen as one the new board members in time for the Young Professionals 10 Year Anniversary and we are currently looking into expanding our collaboration with the network to incorporate it as a part of our traineeships and leadership programs, states Roland.

The Young Professionals has become an appreciated and well-recognized network among employees and management at Handelsbanken and is being recommended throughout the organization.

– We can learn from the Young Professionals and we are proud to be a part of the network, spreading the core values that Handelsbanken share with many other successful Swedish brands such as inclusiveness, sustainability, long-term development and flat organizational structures, says Roland.

Handelsbanken is one of the main sponsors for the Young Professionals 10 Year Anniversary Celebration. The company wants to support the network and together with the Young Professionals celebrate the mutual benefits that are being created everyday thanks to the collaboration.

– We want to relate back to our Swedish roots as we proceed, but of course with a touch of orange. And that is why Handelsbanken is a proud sponsor of the Young Professionals of the Swedish Chamber and their 10 Year Anniversary, continues Roland.

Roland, Rens and the Handelsbanken team together with the Swedish Chamber wishes the Young Professionals a happy 10 Year Anniversary and are looking forward to many more years of great companionship.