Tech academies in Amsterdam: Solving lack of developers and lack of diversity at the same time

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Stuck in a rut? Want to change careers? Amsterdam is home to plenty of tech academies where you can learn to code and kickstart your career as a programmer. But now, with the pandemic and all, is it the right time to invest in a drastic change of course? Codam, SALT and Techionista are three of them, all aiming to solve the severe lack of developers, as well as the severe lack of diversity in the tech world. We checked in with them to see how they fare during the past couple of months.


Tough times for tech academies?

A recent report from StartupAmsterdam made clear that COVID-19 already had some impact on the more than 20 tech academies in the Dutch capital. Without naming them, some of them mentioned a dip in revenue of financial woes, partly due to less students bringing in tuition. That is however not the experience of Lisa Stamm. She is head of communications at Codam, based on Marineterrein in the heart of Amsterdam. “Since the coronavirus, we’ve seen an increase in applications. Many people see this as an opportunity to learn a new skill. I understand other tech academies have a tough time right now, because many are paid. If you’ve just lost a job, you probably don’t have an extra couple of thousand euros lying around. But at Codam, learning is for free.”

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School of applied technology <​/salt> about fastrack developers careers and The importance of diversity in tech.

At SALT they are actively striving for diversity, Lopez says: “We’ve had students from 33 nationalities since we started. Our current class consists of 35 percent women. It is something we really want to push, we also see that diversity is more important for the companies that are looking for talents. If you have teams consisting only of men in the same age, then everyone offers the same way of thinking. With different backgrounds, ages, nationalities, genders they can offer different solutions to a problem. You can then pick the best.”


Source: SiliconCanals