The Netherlands and Sweden highlighted in the annual State of European Tech Report

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On December 7, Atomico, in partnership with Slush, launched the seventh edition of the annual State of European Tech Report. The State of European Tech Report provides among the most comprehensive data-driven analysis of European Technology.


The Netherlands and Sweden were both among the top five countries with the highest capital investments in the past year, which highlights the countries dominance on the European startup scene.


The report states that ”Record growth drives new milestones, both achieved and unmet. Europe is firmly positioned as a global tech player in 2021, with a record $100B of capital invested, 98 new unicorns, and the strongest ever startup pipeline, now on par with the US. European tech is creating value at its fastest pace, adding $1 trillion in just 8 months. While geographical differences in maturity level remain, talent mobility and distributed success is powering newer hubs.”


Read the report by clicking here.