New Honorary Consul General in Amsterdam

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Mr. Nils van Dijkman has been appointed as the Honorary Consul General of Sweden in Amsterdam as of June 3, 2020.

Nils van Dijkman is partner in the employment law practice of HEUSSEN Attorneys and Civil law notaries in Amsterdam, where he heads the Sweden Desk. He has extensive experience in advising on various employment law matters and is listed in the prestigious Legal500 as a recommended employment lawyer in the Netherlands. Nils is fluent in Dutch, English and Swedish (native), and with his Dutch and Swedish background he will be an excellent promotor for the Swedish-Dutch business community in the Amsterdam region. In his professional role, he advises both Dutch and international companies, with an emphasis on Swedish companies. He served as Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the Netherlands 2007–2015. In 2015 he was awarded the title of Honorary Member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce as a recognition of his work. Nils van Dijkman succeeds Edgar Peer, who has been Sweden’s Honorary Consul General in Amsterdam since 1998.

Source: The Swedish Embassy for the Netherlands


The Swedish Chamber of Commerce is very pleased to congratulate Nils van Dijkman to his appointment and contacted him for a reaction:

What are your tasks and ambitions as the new Honorary Consul General of Sweden in Amsterdam?

“My role is to represent Sweden in The Netherlands, specifically in Amsterdam that I am responsible for. It is important to not only represent Sweden as a country but represent the Swedish values. I also promote Swedish Business in the Netherlands, including trade for example trade missions or Swedish companies interested in the Dutch market. The tasks also include providing information to Swedish citizens in the Netherlands in case of emergencies etc. I am the link in between individuals and the Swedish Embassy in The Hague, so in any specific consular matters I refer to the Swedish Embassy. Another part is to assist Swedish businesses to connecting to Dutch organizations, government, or communities etc. For me, having been the Chairman of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for The Netherlands, between 2007-2015 it is a great opportunity to continue to promote Sweden and  I am now looking forward to continuing to develop this in my new role”.

How would you describe the collaboration between Sweden and the Netherlands today? 

“I think the collaboration is closer than ever. The Netherlands was the first country where Sweden had an Embassy more than 400 years ago, so the Netherlands has been an important country for Sweden since centuries. With the current situation with Brexit, Sweden and the Netherlands has become even closer diplomatically. I also see an increased interest in business and many other areas”.

As a member and Patron of the Swedish Chamber what collaboration possibilities do you see in your new role?

“I always supported the Swedish Chamber as a Chairman an Honorary Member and still today after I resigned as a Chairman, my law firm HEUSSEN is supporting the Swedish Chamber as a Patron member. I think the combination of being a Patron member and supporting the Chamber with contacts will help me as the Honorary Consul General to make this link even stronger. I look forward working with the Swedish Chamber as both a Patron and as Honorary Consul. I will use every opportunity to strengthen the ties and reach the common goals and I am looking forward to continuing to participate in the Chamber’s Events as much as possible”.