The Webinar The Global impact of the Dutch Election

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The webinar The Global impact of the Dutch Election took place yesterday, and we are very pleased to share a short take-away from todays Moderator, Stefan Wijers:

“Joining us today from all corners of the world – Tanzania, Finland, Brazil, Indonesia and back again to the Netherlands – participants wanted to learn about the impact of the Dutch elections on international business.

Participants were polled for their opinion on the global impact of the Dutch elections. 1 % responded ‘huge’, nearly a quarter answered ‘significant’, over 60% said ‘hardly measurable’ and the others finally filled in ‘nil’.

In a keynote Ingrid Thijssen underlined the demand for a broad Covid recovery package focusing strongly on the needs of international business. She called the nitrogen crisis one of the biggest challenges we face. It should be settled soon in order to secure future foreign investments in the Netherlands.

During a panel discussion Cees Westera Rem Korteweg and Frank Heemskerk overlooked and explained the Dutch political landscape right now. It emerged that the Dutch Labor Party perhaps could join the next cabinet in stead of the Christian Union. All in all the panel forecasted a more pro-Europe course and that the Netherlands would still be a reliable business partner for the years to come.

Thanks for the excellent teamwork”


To watch a recording of the webinar, click here