UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is up and running in Gothenburg

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SweCham Member UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, the world’s first global, cloud-based branding, marketing and advertising agency, has chosen Gothenburg, Sweden, for the launch of its latest Creative Hub – the agency’s fourth in Sweden and 15th around the globe.

What makes Gothenburg special for UP THERE, EVERYWHERE? It is home to much of Sweden’s export industry and famous international brands from Volvo and Essity to SKF, Mölnlycke Health Care, and many more. With these companies all tightly concentrated in a relatively small area, the Swedish West Coast is both very local and very global at the same time.

“The greater Gothenburg region is home to some of Sweden’s finest companies, so it should come as no surprise that as UP looks to further expand the agency across the world, the opening of the latest UP Creative Hub is in Gothenburg,” says Lawrence Masle, CEO of UP. “UP is already working with a number of companies based in Gothenburg and is looking forward to further serving the region with its full-service agency offering. Not to mention the advantages of our digital, time- and cost-efficient ways of working.”

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